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Surfing The Bay: Friday, Dec. 17, 2010

Get yourself off of the computer, get something delicious to drink and get yourself in front of your television. Here's what's on tap for you in Bay Area Sports for today, all times are pacific and all programs are probably awesome. Because I watch them ... and I'm awesome. There is really not much 


49ers Press Conference Live | 11:45 a.m. | CSN Bay Area - Well, this should be a good one. The 49ers got dominated, and Mike Singletary got a chance to look at the film, supposedly.


Chronicle Live | 5 p.m. | CSN Bay Area - Big episode tomorrow taking looks at high school sports, the 49ers and the Raiders. Be sure to tune in for that.


There's some basketball games on tomorrow, but I honestly find it hard to recommend things when they bore me to death. I love the NBA, but forgive me if I'm tired of watching the Heat.