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NFL Mock Draft 2011: San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders Draft Projections

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While it may be the most compelling time of the football season, one of the saddest phrases of the English language is floating into relevance, "The NFL Season is winding down." For us football junkies this means one thing, it's the start of the NFL Draft Season. While the 49ers and Raiders remain in playoff contention, they are far from complete teams. In other words, it is never too early to start thinking draft and the accompanying mock drafts.

This stream is going to be used to provide various mock drafts and their updates and, of course, we'll be paying close attention to the what the experts forecast for the 49ers and Raiders. As you probably know, the Raiders already have their 2011 first round draft pick. His name is Richard Seymour.

That will not, however, render this stream pointless for Raider fans. There are plenty of mock drafts that go two and even three rounds. Also, as any Raider fan knows, they will not be shy about attempting to move back into the first round, if Al Davis feels so inclined. He has always been more willing to move up than down.

The 49ers draft future is a little more clear. So, to go along with the mocks, we will be adding analysis and information on the players projected to land in the bay area. With the bowl games upon us, we will let you know when some of the players these teams are likely interested in will be playing and what the scouts will want to see out of them. Use this stream as your home for draft coverage and let your opinion be heard seen in the comments below.