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Raiders 14 - Chiefs 13: Tackle Eligible Khalif Barnes Catches Touchdown Pass

Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator dipped into his bag of tricks, calling up a play to pass eligible offensive tackle Khalif Barnes for the go-ahead touchdown midway through the third quarter. The Chiefs took a 13-7 lead on the previous drive after looking ready to drive into the end zone. The Chiefs drove down to the Oakland 8 but a 9 yard sack caused the drive to stall out as the Raiders defense stiffened up in the red zone.

On the ensuing Raiders possession, the Raiders went 74 yards in seven plays thanks in large part to big plays from running back Darren McFadden. After Jacoby Ford picked up 16 yards on a pass to start the drive, McFadden rushed for 34 yards down the sideline. Three plays later McFadden gained 15 yards on a pass, ending up on the Kansas City 2. After Michael Bush was stuffed, the Raiders declared Khalif Barnes to be eligible. The Raiders immediately went to him on a little out pattern and the big man hauled in the touchdown. The Janikowski extra point gave the Raiders a 14-13 lead.

The Raiders have just forced a punt and will look to build on their 14-13 lead. We’re late in the third quarter and a time-consuming drive would certainly be a big help to the Raiders right now. The defense has played incredibly well but could certainly use a break right now.