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Chiefs 10 - Raiders 7: Raiders Capitalize on Special Teams To Cut Into Lead

The Oakland Raiders jumped out quick on the Kansas City Chiefs in the second half but then blew a golden opportunity to tie the game or take the lead. The Raiders opened the second half by running back the half-opening kickoff 94 yards for the touchdown. Jacoby Ford had little trouble running the ball back to cut the Chiefs lead to 10-7.

The Raiders seemed poised to really shake things up on the subsequent Javier Arenas kick return. The Raiders were called for unsportsmanlike conduct in the previous touchdown celebration and pushed back 15 yards on the kickoff. Javier Arenas caught the Sebastian Janikowski kick and had the ball stripped from him at the Kansas City 35. However, the Raiders stalled out and after a three and out, Janikowski missed a 47 yard field goal wide left.

Nonetheless, the Raiders have turned this into a one possession game. The offense will need to get their heads on straight, and if they do, the Raiders can still pull out what would be a monster win for them.