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Chiefs 7 - Raiders 0: Former Cal Receiver Verran Tucker Gives Chiefs Second Quarter Lead

The first 15+ minutes of the Oakland Raiders showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs has produced a combination of crazy plays, referee struggles, and a nice touchdown catch by a former Bay Area wide receiver. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel hooked up with wide receiver, and former Cal product, Verran Tucker to give the Chiefs a 7-0 lead on the Raiders with twenty seconds into the second quarter.

The game has produced an assortment of bizarre plays thus far, including fake punts by both teams. On 4th and 6 at the Oakland 46, the Chiefs came out in a punt formation and then switched into a wildcat formation with Javier Arenas at the QB position. Arenas took the direct snap and was tackled a yard shy of the first down.

On the subsequent Raiders possession the Raiders ran their own fake. They lined up in a punt formation on 4th and 5 at their own 46 and fired a direct snap to Rock Cartwright who was stopped three yards short of the first down. The Chiefs used that excellent field position to march down the field for their touchdown.

Of course, even that score had its share of craziness. On 3rd and 2 at the Raiders 6, Cassel passed to Tony Moeaki who appeared to score a touchdown. The play was reversed and Moeaki was ruled down inside the one yard line. When the Chiefs ran their next play, the sideline person handling the yard marker had the 4th down marker showing.

The Chiefs ran the play while coach Todd Haley tried to get the ref’s attention. This play included a holding penalty and after much discussion, the refs acknowledged their mistake switched it back to first down. The penalty made it first and goal from the 11. On the next play the Chiefs negated all the problems on the touchdown pass from Cassel to Tucker. All in all, a lot of work for one touchdown.