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San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Championship Fan Celebrations

As the San Francisco Giants closed out the 2010 World Series and won their first world championship in San Francisco, it's safe to say the fans got a little excited. There were celebrations all across the city involving the players and involving everyday fans. The Giants had their World Series parade on Wednesday and you can view plenty of photos at SB Nation's useful story stream.

However, I thought we would use this stream to post pictures and videos of the fans celebrating this first World Series title. The power of the Internet has brought us into an age where people can post video to YouTube in a matter of minutes. We get a wide variety of random videos posted, but there are some that are perfect for YouTube. One such group of videos involve celebrations during world championships. This video below is from Yancy's Saloon over in the Sunset here in San Francisco. The final strike takes place about 2:10 or so into the video but it's crazy throughout,