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NCAA Basketball Rankings, AP Top 25 Poll: Cal, Stanford Return To Earth Over Holidays

The latest edition of the 2010-2011 AP Poll was released today and it should be no surprise that Cal and Stanford are not getting love in this week's NCAA college basketball rankings. California received a vote last week, but that was quickly removed after a week of struggles in the Old Spice Classic. Stanford failed to capitalize on its own 3-0 start as it also struggled in the 76 Classic down in Anaheim.

Cal started the Old Spice Classic off with a big-time quality victory by knocking off No. 20 Temple 57-50 in its opening round match. In the semifinals California was run over at an incredibly slow pace by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 57-44. In the third place game the Golden Bears were blown out 68-46 by Boston College.

Stanford went in the reverse direction, as it lost its first two games and won its final consolation game. The Cardinal lost a close one to Murray State 55-52 and then were handled relatively easily by Tulsa 65-53. They closed out the tournament in the consolation to the consolation bracket by defeating DePaul 81-74 in overtime.

Overall the Pac-10 continues to wait on national respect. The conference has a few solid wins, but it's not enough to get them the national respect in the polls quite yet. While the polls aren't the be-all, end-all as they are in college football, they can certainly influence the selection committee at the end of the season when at-large bids are being handed out in March.

The full rankings are as follows:

1. Duke
2. Ohio State
3. Pittsburgh
4. Kansas
5. Kansas State
6. Michigan State
7. Connecticut
8. Syracuse
9. Missouri
10. Kentucky
11. Baylor
12. Villanova
13. Tennessee
14. Memphis
15. Minnesota
16. Georgetown
17. San Diego State
18. Florida
19. Texas
20. Illinois
21. Brigham Young
22. Purdue
23. Washington
24. UNLV
25. Notre Dame