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Andre Johnson Punches Cortland Finnegan: Doing America A Favor, Part 2

Last week we provided some video of Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour hitting Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger in the helmet with an open hand. The slap got him a $25,000 fine from the NFL and cheers from around America. Well, we have a follow-up to that as Andre Johnson joined the club by smacking around a notoriously dirty player in Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan. While this incident has nothing to do with the Bay Area, I thought it was worth posting as we continue to celebrate NFL players going above and beyond the call of a duty. While Andre Johnson will be suspended for decking Finnegan, and rightfully so, that doesn't mean we can't quietly enjoy what would certainly qualify as a 10-8 round for Johnson in any fight.


Finnegan jumped around like a clown after the refs separated them. It would have been using to see one of the Texans offensive lineman bump into him just a little bit too hard. I guess some dreams have to wait for another day.