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Sharks Overcome Blackhawks, Giants Overpaid For Aubrey Huff And We Don't Care: Down By The Bay

Down by the Bay is a daily catch-up of Bay Area sports action from the previous day. It's here on SB Nation Bay Area every morning at the same time, and it's the first thing you should be reading to catch up on the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors. After the jump is all you need to know, so make it and let's get to it. When I say jump, jump. So, uh, jump, right now.

Great win for the Sharks yesterday as they demolished the Chicago Blackhawks. Fear The Fin has an excellent recap of the rather exciting game for you to check out, so head on over there and read up on the good stuff. The link below is my coverage.

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The Giants overpaid for Aubrey Huff when they re-signed him for two years. Oh no! What ever will we do? Doesn't matter, the Giants won the World Series, sucka. McCovey Chronicles also took a look at the shortstop situation, and the trading options available.

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Niners Nation asked the question: "Would you have fired Coach Singletary yet?" My answer is no, I wouldn't, for the simple reason that bringing in an interim guy would accomplish nothing at this point. No need to confuse Jed. On top of that, they had their prospector's guide for the game against the Cardinals.

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The Raiders play the Dolphins next, and I'm actually excited for it. It should be a good game. Silver And Black Pride took a look at the game with a preview and the like, good read, go check it out and give your thoughts on the matchups and what "should," go down.

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Why do you do this to me, Golden State? You go above .500 and play very well to start the season, and then you go ahead and fall right back down below it. I'm hurt, more than a little bit. Golden State Of Mind has their postgame link dump if you want to play catchup.

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