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Fantasy Football, Week 12: Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers Player Analysis

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The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders square off in pivotal battles this week, and the scheduling can make for important decisions in your fantasy world. Leagues vary in their lineup rules, with some requiring a set line-up before the first game of the week, and others (really, most sites) letting you set your roster as games approach. The latter league set-up gives people a lot more flexibility when it comes to injury concerns and other issues. For example, if you have a running back scheduled for 10am pacific on Sunday that is good to go, and another running back scheduled for 1pm who is questionable, that can raise concerns about whether you roll the dice that the later player will be active.

On the other hand, I tend to enjoy having players going late in the week on either Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football. If neither team makes roster adjustments on game day I suppose it doesn't really matter. But having a guy still waiting to play can make me feel a little more comfortable if I'm trailing. It may really make no difference in reality, but in my head I'm benefitting.

That makes this week interesting as the San Francisco 49ers are visiting the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football. If you've got Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and/or Frank Gore on your roster, then you'll get a chance to save them for the last day of the week. Vernon Davis has had some question marks about his ankle but is expected to play. Crabtree has had an up and down season thus far. And Frank Gore is having the second best season of his career. So, plenty to wait for on Monday Night.

The Raiders on the other hand host Miami at 1:05pm pacific time on Sunday. It's a pretty traditional home game time so nothing crazy about it. The Raiders have had a lot of question marks swirling about their quarterback position, so it'll be interesting to see how the week progresses in regards to who will start at QB. It sounds like Jason Campbell will remain the starter, but who knows how long that will last.

Whatever does happen this week for both teams, we'll have start/sit suggestions in the coming days, along with a post-game wrap up of fantasy performances on Sunday and Monday.