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Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets - Gobble Gobble Some Rebounds, Please

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The Houston Rockets are bad, but then, again, so are the Warriors. After starting 6-2, the Warriors have since lost 4 of their last 5, coinciding with the loss of David Lee to an elbow infection. The Rockets have been on a similar slide of their own, with injuries as devastating as the Warriors have seen.

These two met on the Warriors opener at the Oracle in one the most exciting games of the season thus far. The 132-128 shootout and the high-octane offenses gave fans of both teams a lot to look forward too as Monta Ellis led all scorers with 46 points and teammate Stephen Curry finished with 25 points and 11 assists.

Since then, the Warriors offense has been anything but exciting. Horrendous might be a better word. In the last two games, the Warriors have shot below 40% and even cause for more worry is that Stephen Curry has been overmatched as teams have stacked bigger guards and even forwards on him.

Luckily for the Warriors, help looks like its is on the way. But in the meantime, the 3 game losing streak looks like it might be extended given how overpowered they have been on the boards. As Golden State of Mind has reported via Yahoo! Sports that all of the Warriors missing big men -- Lee, rookie Ekpe Udoh, Louis Amundson, and Brandan Wright (day-to-day with a back sprain) -- may be back sooner than originally thought. The addition of Lee possibly back in the lineup as soon as November 30 will be a relief for the team that has missed his toughness and scoring.

The Rockets are still without Yao Ming and Aaron Brooks and are currently on a 4 game slide. Luis Scola and Kevin Martin have had to shoulder most of the scoring load in their absence. Scola is averaging a career high 22 points a game and Martin continues to be an efficient scorer from the line. With the way the Warriors have been fouling and putting opponents on the line, there's no reason to doubt that Martin may top his 17-17 foul shooting night when these two teams last met.