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NHL Power Rankings: Free Fallin' Sharks

So much for the last Sharks power ranking preview, in which it was discussed just where to place the Sharks; how difficult it was to find a place for them. Should they rise after their close defeats coupled with a couple big wins, or should they fall because a loss is still a loss? Should they have stayed where they were?

What happened is, they stayed mostly where they were. When media outlets put together their power rankings, they looked at the schizophrenic Sharks team and simply shrugged their shoulders. They didn't know where to put them, and neither do we here at SB Nation Bay Area.

Back to back wins over a tough Calgary Flames team and a conference-leading Los Angeles Kings team would signify an upward-trend on power rankings list. Until two overtime losses to the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche back to back happened. Then a shutout loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets in their most recent outing, and you've got an ill-defined hockey team.

The silver lining is that the Sharks played well against the aforementioned Stars and Avalanche. They had offense, they had defense, they had great goalie play and they were fast and strong. This of course, is true until you get to the last ten minutes of the game, where San Jose relinquished a two-goal lead in both games.

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at some power rankings for the Sharks and the NHL in general, but you can expect the Sharks to either hang around their current position, or to drop a few. The good thing is that their division is very much wide open and nobody is truly dominating the points.