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Oakland Raiders X Victoria Secret Collabo - Team Gear Gone Sexy

Imagining a Raiders player like Richard Seymour rocking thong panties, especially in light of yesterday’s knock out punch on Ben Roethlisberger, would be a scary sight. Good thing PINK by Victoria Secret is actually marketing this new team gear towards the lady fans who want to possibly make cheering a little more intimate or “skin”-timate.


Take your fandom to the next level, or to the bedroom, by getting these for your partner. With the holidays around the corner, what better way to lounge during a game with your friends or with your partner. Helmet (and pushup bra) not included. To the ladies and the fellas, would you want to get this?


Unfortunately, they don’t have Niners gear, but a select few teams, which include the Raiders. The whole thing looks pretty cheesy and a half-assed marketing scheme to me. If Victoria Secret is supposed to be classy, then this gear screams Fredericks of Hollywood.