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Raiders Finally Healthy, Warriors Sorely Miss Lee: Down By The Bay

Down by the Bay is a daily catch-up of Bay Area sports action from the previous day. It's here on SB Nation Bay Area every morning at the same time, and it's the first thing you should be reading to catch up on the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors. After the jump is all you need to know, so make it and let's get to it. When I say jump, jump. So, uh, jump, right now.


Jason Plank of Fear The Fin asked on Twitter what the Sharks need to do to win games after the past two identical performances ... I answered "A three-goal lead?" Either way, we need to look forward to today and the Columbus Blue Jackets. SHOULD be a good one, I think ... Fear The Fin has their gameday thread.

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Screw everything. Everybody sucks. The Warriors lost again, being without Lee is clearly hurting them. Golden State Of Mind had their postgame link dump if you'd like to play some catchup, it's a great resource for such of things. Eventually, they got their postgame recap up as well, so go check that out.

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Niners Nation took a look at the 49ers return game and what's going on with it. They then had their final injury report prior to tomorrow's game against the Buccaneers, and then had a post covering Tampa Bay wide receiver and his arrest for driving under the influence, or at least the suspicion of doing so. Lastly, a post about Barry Sims and the fact that he's likely to get the start at left tackle in place of an injured Joe Staley.

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The Raiders are just thankful to be happy and healthy. Good divisional standing, not a bad schedule, and now - all 53 players practiced. Seems like heaven, to be honest with you. Silver And Black Pride took a moment to rejoice.

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The Giants had some more 40-man roster moves and the rosterbation continues over at McCovey Chronicles. They also took a look at some of the free agent short stops that the Giants could possibly be interested in.