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Did Shoes Cost The Warriors Game Versus Lakers?

Midway through Sunday’s Warriors @ Laker game, Monta Ellis made a “costume change,” switching colorways of this season’s And 1 ME8 Sovereign Mid (his signature shoe) at halftime, reports The Warriors played “scary” bad on Halloween and I wonder to what extent the Warriors shoes affected their game.


While some of the Warriors sported the orange Nike Hyperfuses, as Avinash Kunnath reported, to show off their Halloween spirit, Monta Ellis switched from his blue colorways to his black x blue ones.


Granted, the Warriors were playing terribly anyway. In desperation, anything probably was a good idea in an attempt to transform the energy or spirits on the court haunting them. But maybe these shoes had something to do with their horrendous shooting percentage all across the board (field goal percentage 40%, three-point shooting 27%, and free throws 46%). Someone throw away these shoes!