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Brent Barry-Tony Parker-Eva Longoria Family Basketball Drama

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This is probably stretching the Bay Area connection a little bit, but the story is too juicy not to write about it. The folks at People Magazine are reporting that Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from Spurs guard Tony Parker in light of reports that he cheated on her. Not only did he reportedly cheat on her, but it was reportedly with the wife of former Spurs player Brent Barry. Barry's dad is Rick Barry of Warriors and Bay Area radio fame, thus the Bay Area connection! Oh and on another note, the story was apparently broken by A.C. Slater. This has everything!


Apparently Brent Barry and his wife are going through a divorce already and I'd imagine this had something to do with it. Reports are that this cheating started earlier in the marriage and The Big Lead pointed out that with Tony Parker signing his $50 million contract extension a few weeks ago, it's possible Longoria waited until the contract was signed before pouncing with the divorce (she's now asking for spousal support). Oh how the world turns like sand through an hour glass!