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Down By The Bay: Nerves Are Shot

Down by the Bay is a daily catch-up of Bay Area sports action from the previous day. It's here on SB Nation Bay Area every morning at the same time, and it's the first thing you should be reading to catch up on the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors. After the jump is all you need to know, so make it and let's get to it. When I say jump, jump. So, uh, jump, right now.

Ahhh, a great day, indeed. Any time a Bay Area sports team beats an LA team, the day is a prosperous one. The Sharks went out there and beat the first place Los Angeles Kings like they hadn't yet been beaten this year. Fear The Fin has a postgame thread and recap for your perusal.

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The Warriors decided they didn't much like the fact that I had become stable as far as stress is concerned, and went ahead and exacerbated the situation by slowly blowing a thirty-two point lead. They ended up holding and winning, which is great. Golden State Of Mind has their postgame link dump for your perusal.

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The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series. Feels great to say that, so I'll keep doing it. McCovey Chronicles is still in a nude-and-drunk stupor at the moment, and it will continue with the news that Buster Posey was named the rookie of the year, which is just ... fantastic!

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Niners Nation had a post about Troy Smith and the fact that he'd be getting the start against the Bucs this coming week. Good win for the Niners over their division-leading Rams. They then had a post about the 49ers penalties, something that's ... infuriating. Three called-back touchdowns and a pick? I just don't get how that happens. To wrap up, a post about Joe Staley's leg injury which might set the team back, depending on Barry Sims's play.

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The offseason is in full swing for the A's, and Athletics Nation takes a look at some of the important winter league players for their franchise.


The Raiders are first place in their division, and everyone is a little hesitant to believe it. Good stuff for them. Silver And Black Pride took a look at that small detail in ... detail.