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Down By The Bay: Win, Lose, Win, Lose ... So, Win Today?

Down by the Bay is a daily catch-up of Bay Area sports action from the previous day. It's here on SB Nation Bay Area every morning at the same time, and it's the first thing you should be reading to catch up on the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors. After the jump is all you need to know, so make it and let's get to it. When I say jump, jump. So, uh, jump, right now.

The Sharks got their much needed second-win-in-a-row at home yesterday in a great game against the Calgary Flames, coming off a victory over the Islanders. I only wish I was able to watch the whole thing ... and get a recap up in a timely manner. Fear The Fin has their postgame recap and review for you to check out, in case you missed it.

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Not so much a good day for the Warriors, whose countless mistakes and sloppy play cost them the game against the Bucks. Glad I wasn't able to catch that one, personally. Golden State of Mind has their postgame link-dump for all of your information needs, then later on they posted their recap for your perusal.

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Today, the 49ers play the Rams in a game that is definitely crucial to the division, with the 49ers trailing by, uhm ... a lot. Niners Nation had a quick post on tailgating etiquette when opposing fans are all up in your grill (get it?), and then they took a look at their starting quarterback, Troy Smith, and made some predictions regarding him.

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The Raiders have a bye this week, unless I'm horribly mistaken. Silver And Black Pride took a look at Darren McFadden and his sudden transformation into an absolute beast. As The New Guy would put it, he went from "[site decorum]-to-bull," and I think you should be able to fill that blank in. Maybe. Then, they took a look at some expectations regarding the team they had previously, revisiting them.

The offseason sucks for essentially any sport. There's nothing worse than wanting your sport to come back, and nothing quite matches up to the obsessing one can do as the training camps and equivalent set-ups begin to form. It's a different offseason for the Giants though, because, you see, they won the World Series, didn't you hear? McCovey Chronicles reflects.

Stanford Cardinal

Rule Of Tree has a recap of yesterday's game, which I caught part of. Looked like it was a nail-biter. Related Streams On SBNBA: Stanford Pulls Out 17-13 Victory In Fourth Quarter

Cal Bears

The Cal Bears couldn't beat Oregon yesterday, which sucks. California Golden Blogs has a recap for your perusal. Related Streams On SBNBA: Cal Comes Up Just Short In 15-13 Loss To No. 1 Oregon