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Colorado Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes: Rapids Hold 1-0 Lead Late

The Colorado Rapids are closing in on a berth in the MLS Cup as they lead the San Jose Earthquakes 1-0. The Rapids took their lead in the 42nd minute on a Kosuke Limura unassisted goal. They’ve been pushing all game long as the Earthquakes are doing everything they can to just hang around. Colorado has taken seven shots with three on goal, while San Jose has managed just one shot all night.

I’m not a huge soccer fan but one could even look at the difference in offsides penalties as an example of Colorado’s dominance thus far. The Rapids have been called offsides five times to the Earthquakes single offsides. Offsides certainly isn’t a good thing but one could look at this as a sign that Colorado is pushing the ball as hard as they can.

Of course, San Jose only trails by a single goal and are one shot away from equalizing the match. It’s been an impressive run by the Earthquakes, but they’ll need another score to keep the magic alive.