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Joe Lacob Kicks Off His New Golden State Warriors Regime With Discounts

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After having spent spent millions and millions of dollars purchasing the Golden State Warriors, Joe Lacob does what no owner would have done: saving fans money. This Monday, November 15th, Joe Lacob is providing a 50% discount on all remaining tickets AND concessions.


Okay, I understand that Lacob clearly is doing this for marketing purposes. What better way to sell more seats than give discounts? But discounts on food? Is this man crazy? Following the logic of club promotion, selling drinks is how entertainment and food establishments make their most money. Discounting their 10 dollar beers to 5 dollars is an incredible steal for anyone trying to get tipsy by tip-off.


On the flip side, imagine how terrible those lines will be garlic fries if they're only 3 dollars. If any of you have gone to $1 hot dog days at A's games, you can bet you're going to miss at least 2 quarters waiting for those garlic fries. Is it worth the wait? You bet it is. Us Warrior fans love you even more now, Joe Lacob. Welcome!