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Warrior Girls, Monta Ellis And His Beautiful Family, and More

Courtesy of IQofaWarrior over at Golden State of Mind, we can access the "Warriors Weekly," a YouTube channel created by the Golden State Warriors to watch a much mediated conversation about the different personnel that don the Warriors uniforms, whether it's booty shorts or long shorts. Click here to jump over to Golden State of Mind where you can watch all the videos and chat with other fans about the vids. This week, the Warriors introduce Monta Ellis' family, who to this point we rarely knew existed beyond how awesome wife Juanika Ellis was in news reports, and the Warriors girl calendar photo shoot.


The best clip, clearly, is the Monta Ellis interview with Tim Roye, where we not only get to see the woman that Ellis lauds as making his transformation happen, but also some awesome pictures from their wedding. From what it looks like, Juanika is definitely a keeper. The shots of their child dunking a basketball on a kids hoop is also a nice scouting report in case colleges are wondering who they should recruit for 2026. At the very least, maybe a future ball boy for the Warriors?