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Former Golden Bear Volleyball Hitter Morgan Beck Featured In Nike "Boom" Ads

Morgan Beck had a pretty good career at Cal. fills us in on the details. danzig at California Golden Blogs elucidated on her awesomeness a year or so back after she graduated.

She's an incredible volleyball player and a physical presence at the net.  She still has the most impressive overhand jump-serve I've ever seen.  She's got a big time arm and has the feet to play both indoor or go pro-beach.  Her fluid movements remind me of another great player, Gabrielle Reece.

Forecast: MORGAN BECK WILL BE THE NEXT GABRIELLE REECE.  She's got all the tools to attain the female-athlete career trifecta: sports, modeling and broadcasting.  Plus, she's a Cal grad so we should probably expect a book or two.   Morgan and Gabrielle play the same position, are the same height and are both from SoCal.

Now she's taking her talents nationwide with her brief but striking appearance in the new Nike campaign. She happily informed her followers of the development on her website. You can see the ad that features her the best after the jump.

BOOM: Hope/Volley (via nike)

Yeah, she can strike that volleyball well.