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Pinole Valley Beats Berkeley With 80 Yard Drive In Final 32 Seconds

So Berkeley High drives 99 yards down the field to score the go-ahead touchdown on 4th and goal at the 1 yard line. It was a 20 play, eight-minute drive where Rudolpho James carried the rock the last nine times, including punching it into the end zone.  It was a drive Vince Lombardi would have approved with gruff admiration.

And what's their reward? One of the cruelest losses in the history of high school sports, thanks to quarterback Craig Campbell passing three of the most random-looking throws you'll ever see (90% of the time those throws get picked off), including the game-winning pass to James Lewis that appeared to have ZERO spin on it. Apparently the horrifying nature of those throws completely flustered a defense that had only given up 10 points, and it worked out for Pinole to win in the most dramatic way possible. It was a drive Les Miles would have approved of.

This game seems to prove the triumph of randomness can beat order, and that sports is a cruel, fickle woman to love.

(Oh, don't worry, there's video of this madness after the jump.)

Pinole Valley win against Berkeley (via PinoleTV)

Even the announcers and the timekeeper are in disbelief at what's going on. How else can you explain a 30 second drive taking nine minutes to complete? Unbelievable.

To watch the whole game, go here.