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Cardinal Look To Rebound Against USC; Status Of Whalen and Owusu Uncertain

The Cardinal will try to get back on track by beating the Trojans at home, but Andrew Luck might not have two of his best receivers at his disposal.

Owusu in doubt: Harbaugh said wide receiver Chris Owusu was knocked out in Saturday's 52-31 loss at Oregon and called his status for the USC game "day to day." Owusu received "several shots to the head," but Harbaugh said he has been "symptom-free" since Monday. It's possible Stanford could be without its top two wide receivers this week; Ryan Whalen has missed the last two games with an elbow injury.

Although the USC pass defense has been getting ripped apart as of late (288 yards per game, dead last in the conference), these sort of injuries could make all the difference in whether the Cardinal can run away from the Trojans or be stuck battling them in a dogfight on Saturday night.