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Down By The Bay: Playoffs, Baby!

Would you look at that, we had four games yesterday. We had good baseball and good, exciting football and, even though I'm a mix of emotions right now, I'm pretty pumped with how much fun I had watching said games. Let's get to your links.

After the jump is all you need to know when it comes to the A's, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks and all of Bay Area sports is laid in front of you by myself, as per our team specific blogs. So jump when I say jump... jump.

Your 2010 San Francisco Giants are NL West Champions. McCovey Chronicles has a post on that. Feels good, doesn't it? I won't link to the postgame thread, seeing as how there's a ton of them to look at right now. 

It's easy to feel good about the A's chances next season, but going into their recent series, I had no idea they'd sweep and finish .500. Athletics Nation has a postgame thread, a postseason thread even.

Things weren't so good for the 49ers, who lost to the Falcons and are now 0-4. It hurts to even type that. Niners Nation has a postgame thread.