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MLB World Series 2010: San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers Arlington Edition

I'm sure everyone reading this is aware that the San Francisco Giants are up 2-0 in the World Series against the Texas Rangers. I'm also sure that you're all aware that a game started by Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum ended up with a total of eighteen runs. Or that Matt Cain has been the best pitcher of the four starters thus far, which of course itself isn't that unbelievable. The Giants put up twenty runs in the first two games, getting hits throughout their entire lineup, and shutting out the Rangers in game two to the tune of 9-0.

I daresay you wouldn't be able to find a preview just a couple days ago that would have said such things. Or come even close to that. It just goes to show you how unpredictable baseball can be. It shows how stats extrapolated over the course of an entire season mean nothing in an isolated seven game series. No amount of postseason stats for Cliff Lee could have showed us the end result. But that's what's so great.

So the Giants are up 2-0 and have at the very least guaranteed that the Rangers would need to come back and win one at AT&T Park to take the series. Being up 2-0 is by no stretch of the imagination a guaranteed victory, but it's a nice start for the team that has consistently been underdogs throughout the playoffs.

Saturday, the teams head to Arlington to get things going in game three. Jonathan Sanchez and Colby Lewis are up first in game three. The Giants will now have to deal with the DH Vladimir Guerrero in the lineup for the Rangers. Follow along for updates on the games in Texas throughout.