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2010 NBA Season Opener: Houston Rockets @ Golden State Warriors, 7:30 PM

The opening of the NBA 2010-2011 season for the Golden State Warriors couldn't have come at a better time. The Warriors share their "opening day" of new beginnings with the "opening day" of the World Series across the pond over at AT&T Park. How are the Warriors celebrating this momentous occasion of Bay Area sports? By letting Giants fans (who've purchased tickets to the Warriors game) watch the game at (R)oarcle Arena, doors opening at 4:45 PM. With a double win -- Warriors and Giants -- expect a man-made earthquake (sans the destruction) created by thunderous cheering in the streets. I guarantee it. So what can we look forward to on opening night eve for the Golden State Warriors? Here's a brief round-up of what some people are saying.

The motto this year for the Warriors appears to be "fresh starts" as a range of changes from the front office all the way done to the players uniforms. Mid-first round castoffs and forgottens Dorell Wright, quoted as saying he's going to show off his Hedo Turkoglu-type game, and Rodney Carney look to show off what they're really about. They're ready to stop shooting stand-still 3-point shots, which could be a good thing considering how unsteady their 3-pt shooting was during the preseason.

Since the Warriors will be without both backup power forwards and centers in Louis Amundson and Ekpe Udoh, to what extent will Jeff Adrien be part of the rotation early on? Larry Riley hints that injuries and the failure to find an adequate backup point guard. Good news? Adrien grabbed 20 offensive boards, tying with David Lee and Andris Biedrins, and in less minutes. I'm also sure Adrien doesn't mind making the team by "default."

And as Adrien continues to work his tail off to ensure the Warriors don't cut him to make room for another point guard, it looks like the Warriors will rely to some extent on guard/forward Reggie Williams, who racked up 9 assists in their final preseason game, a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime, 105-102.

Williams thrust into the point guard decision against the Lakers was a result of Stephen Curry's ankle injury, which he himself said will not keep him out of the first game. Fantasy Basketball players rejoice! Also, Curry, Monta Ellis, and David Lee were named captains. As much as reports say the beef has been squashed between Ellis and Curry, can they share the rock and share the captain role?

Also, it's Monta Ellis' Birthday:

StephenCurry30:Watching NBA ball on TV getting me hype for tmw night. Happy Bday to ME8. 48 hour celebration

Lastly, Golden State of Mind offers a comprehensive preview and review of where the Warriors have been and where they might be going this season. Here are a few snippets from Atma Brother #1 on players, coaching, and the state of affairs in general at Golden State.

On the past:

Anthony Randolph

Hopefully someday Randolph learns how to play winning (he didn't even play on winning teams in college or in high school), team-oriented basketball with the professionalism that's required in the NBA. Until then there's absolutely no point in having him on an NBA roster. I chuckle when I read pieces about he's likely to breakout this season or that the Warriors screwed up by trading this young player with unlimited upside (by people who probably have never even see him play). I prefer to reserve that projection for players who have some semblance of hoops IQ and fundamentals.

On the possible strengths this season:

Biggest Strengths

Pick + Roll

Once Stephen Curry and David Lee get in rythym, you're going to like the sound of this. Pick and roll all day, every day. Even Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins are reasonably solid pick and roll cogs. (That's of course provided Biedrins doesn't play scared again.)

Yes, you read that right. The Warriors are set to be a very nice Windex team. David Lee and Andris Biedrins are elite rebounders, Louis Amundson is solid, and Stephen Curry opened some eyes with his nice work on the boards last season. Who knows maybe even Monta can get back to his earlier rebounding rates. Even if he doesn't, the Warriors project to be at their best level in this department in years- decades perhaps.

Check back in for regular updates on all Warriors-related opening day new.