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Cal Tries To Stays Above .500 Versus Arizona State

The California Golden Bears try to rebound one of the worst losses of the Jeff Tedford era when they take on the Arizona St. Sun Devils. Cal and ASU are both 3-3 and are at a crossroads. Where will their seasons end up?

Jeff Tedford has stated firmly Kevin Riley (barring injury) will finish his senior campaign.

"Kevin is our starting quarterback and gives us our best chance to win," Tedford said. "We're not going to make a change there unless something unforeseen happens."


"If they were close to being the best quarterback that we have on this football team then they would see time," Tedford said. "That's not the case. Kevin's experienced and Kevin still does some very good things and still gives us the best chance to win. Those guys aren't to his level right now."

Arizona State is coming off a big win over Washington on the road. They hope to take one step closer to bowl-eligibility by beating the Golden Bears.