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Stanford Looks To Take Care Of Overmatched Washington State

Looks like the Cardinal are just trying to escape this week unscathed. Andrew Luck  does not want to be the first Pac-10 team in over two years to get Coug'd and embarrassed in a game they should not lose, he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

"They play with a lot of energy and enthusiasm," Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck said. "I know they've really been down in the dumps as a program, but they don't give up. ... If you're not on top of (your game), they will expose you and they will embarrass you."

What's James Montgomery's deal?

That offensive line that is at least partly to blame for all those sacks? It hasn't done much for the Cougars' running game either. Washington State ranks 116th in the nation in rushing, so it's no surprise that Montgomery, their "leader" in that category, is averaging less than 45 yards per game. Montgomery was bottled up by Arizona's stingy defense on Saturday and finished with 24 yards on 13 carries. That wasn't even the senior's worst performance of the year. He rushed for three yards on eight carries in a 50-16 loss to USC.  Washington State ranked last in the Pac-10 in rushing and allowed 24 more sacks than any other Pac-10 team in 2009, leading to the firing of the offensive line coach during the offseason.