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Marquis Waters speeds Las Lomas To 27-24 Upset Of Miramonte

Waters was the fourth offensive player in the Bay Area to have a spectacular offensive performance last weekend, right along with Ricky Lloyd of Concord, Lucas Dunne of De La Salle, and Cameron Stover of Northgate. His performance might have been the most valuable of all, because it helped pace his struggling Knights to victory over the undefeated 18th ranked Matadors. Adam Berke of Lamorinda Patch reports.

Not only did "running" Waters get healthy, but he went berserk against Miramonte, rushing for a career high 321 yards on 35 carries.

"Career high by far," Waters said. "I am so juiced."

Waters carried the ball for 66 yards on the game's winning drive. He also converted a key fourth-and-1 on the Matadors' 24 and followed it up by pounding in the game-winner from nine yards out.

There's a highlight video (with groovy avant-garde jazz in the background to boot), but I'll be honest, I don't have a clue as to what's going on. I don't even think these clips are in chronological order. Make sense of it below.