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Cameron Stover Powers Northgate Past College Park

(Sorry, still last week's results. We'll try and get tonight's results up for you later this weekend and into next week.)

This game belonged to Stover, as he compiled over 400 yards of offense and led Northgate to a 6-0 start on the season and their first victory of the season in the Diablo Valley Athletic League. Jim Mannion of Patch has more.

Stover had a game for the ages, scoring on plays of 53, 83, 87, 32, 7, and 31 yards — and Northgate picked up its first league win since 2007.

Check out all the touchdowns here, courtesy of Patch.

53 yard reception from quarterback Alex Cost, almost entirely yards after catch:

Even longer reception, this one on a 3rd and 20 from 87 yards out from Cost.


Here's Stover's longest run on the night, an 83 yard scamper to the end zone.

Here's one from 32 yards out.

One from seven yards.

And to punctuate the game, his sixth touchdown of the game for 31 yards. Quite a show, huh?

Here are some photos of the game, not all featuring the man of the hour.

Northgate Broncos vs. College Park (via wmphotos1948)