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Bay Area Stadium Issues: Building Facilities For The Bay Area Franchises

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One thing many teams in the Bay Area have in common is an on-going battle to figure out their stadium situation. The San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Athletics, Oakland Raiders, and San Jose Earthquakes are all looking to build new stadiums, and all of them are running into a variety of problems. Given how quickly a franchise will look to a new geographic region for a stadium, this is an important issue for Bay Area sports fans.

For me, personally, I'm an Oakland A's and San Francisco 49ers fan. Both teams are struggling to get new stadiums figured out somewhere in the Bay Area, with threats of relocation always looming. The A's have looked at stadium options in Oakland, Fremont, and San Jose without much success to date. The 49ers have a sort of stadium deal in place down in Santa Clara, but there are numerous hang-ups getting in the way. As with getting that first win of the season, or the first points of a game, until something actually happens you worry it may never happen.

Over the coming days, weeks, months, and probably years, we'll provide updates on the all the stadium situations. Right now the 49ers, A's, Raiders, and Earthquakes are the teams most in need of a new facility. However, I'd imagine we'll discuss the Warriors and the University of California at some point. Right now the San Francisco Giants and Stanford Cardinal are basically the only teams with no real complaints in the region as far as getting a new facility.

Given all the stadium issues up in the air, we've decided to combine all your updates right here.