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Raiders-Broncos: A Fight To Drive The Nail In The Coffin

The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos both come into this game fresh from deflating losses. The Broncos lost late in the 4th quarter to the New York Jets. It was a game they easily could have won and looked good in their defeat. The Raiders lost 17-9 to the 49ers. They did not look good in their defeat.

In the end, the result is the same for both teams and they find themselves headed into this game with their seasons on the line.

Not helping the chances is the fact that, health is a concern for both teams and they will both likely have several possibly key game time decisions.

One area the Broncos are relatively healthy is in the passing game. They feature one of the leagues finest passing attacks. Kyle Orton is enjoying a pro bowl type of season and he is doing it by spreading the ball around. The Broncos are currently third in passing yardage on the season.

Three Broncos WRs already have over 30 receptions and 350 yards. They are led in receiving yards by Brandon Lloyd with 663.

Defense is where the Broncos have run into most of their problems this year. Injuries are seriously affecting this side of the ball. The Broncos are currently ranked 25th in both passing and rushing yards per attempt.

Check back for a more in depth look at the matchups and any and all injury updates.