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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: San Francisco 49ers Up, Oakland Raiders Down

Each week every media source under the sun rolls out NFL power rankings to assess how they feel about the status of every team in the NFL. In Week 7, we shouldn't be surprised to see the 49ers starting to gain some ground, while the Raiders dropped some ground, all thanks to the same game. The 49ers managed to scratch out their first win in a game against the Raiders that had arguably the ugliest first half we may ever see.

The plan each week will be to post some of the various power rankings out there for folks to check out and see how their team is doing. Whether you're a Raiders fan or 49ers fan, there is something for everybody. We'll start this week with the in-house power rankings at SB Nation's NFL site.

SB Nation has the Raiders ranked 28th and the 49ers ranked 29th. Normally I'd argue that the 49ers victory should propel them higher, but given the 49ers season, I don't think I have much of a leg on which to stand. Here's what SB Nation's Joel Thorman had to say about each team

Oakland Raiders - 28

Is it Jason Campbell? Or Bruce Gradkowski? Or a 2011 draft pick? This team is spinning.

San Francisco 49ers - 29

Yeah it's the Raiders but a win is a win. The 49ers are likely out of it but they also play in arguably the worst division.Eight wins could do it.