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Oakland Athletics 2010 Offseason: Arizona Fall League, Transactions, And Beyond

While the San Francisco Giants continue their 2010 playoff run, the Oakland Athletics have begun evaluating their team in preparation for the 2011 baseball season. The A's finished the 2010 season with their best record since getting to the ALCS in 2006. While they did not make the playoffs this year, the A's had numerous positives come out of this season. Their young pitching staff took a huge step forward and they had a chance to get Chris Carter's feet wet in the major leagues. They have numerous question marks heading into 2011, but if they can find some answers they could be in the thick of the AL West race.

Over the next few months, this stream will help guide fans through the labyrinth that is the Major League Baseball offseason. We'll cover everything from the Arizona Fall league to free agency to trades to preparing for spring training. Bigger news will end up with its own stream, but the day-to-day goings on of the A's will find their way in here. So, go ahead and bookmark this stream to track the A's progress in the offseason. To get into the truly nitty gritty discussion, head on over to Athletics Nation.