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Down By The Bay: 10/13/2010: Rolling Along

Down by the Bay is a daily catch-up of Bay Area sports action from the previous day. It's here on SB Nation Bay Area every morning at the same time, and it's the first thing you should be reading to catch up on the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors. After the jump is all you need to know, so make it and let's get to it. When I say jump, jump. So, uh, jump, right now.      

McCovey Chronicles took a look at the Phillies starting pitching. Or rather, they let everyone know that the Phillies pitching staff really doesn't matter when they go up against the Giants offense. Pablo Sandoval. Pablo Sandoval. Pablo friggin' Sandoval. What to do with him? Do you start him? I think you do. And after that post, McCovey Chronicles had like a post-post-post-postgame thread. We've confirmed they are definitely in the NLCS.

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Well, Niners Nation took a look at some quotes from Jed York and what they mean for the team, and what state of mind he may or may not be in. Then, they examined quarterback Alex Smith and whether or not he can turn things around. My money is on, "no."

The Warriors had a game, I think. I honestly forgot. Looks like it didn't go so well, Golden State Of Mind has a postgame link dump.