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San Francisco 49ers In Turmoil - The Saga Of Head Coach Mike Singletary and Owner Jed York

Over the past five weeks the San Francisco 49ers have seen their season crumble in front of their very eyes. The team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday to fall to 0-5 and the boo birds were out in force during Alex Smith's struggles calling for everything from David Carr to Eddie Debartolo.

Although Alex Smith did show some moxie coming back from the booing to throw a pair of touchdowns, it wasn't enough as the 49ers lost 27-24 to the Eagles. Things got even more interesting that evening as Jed York texted ESPN stating that the 49ers would win the NFC West. This came on the heels of an appearance on NBC's Press Here in which he stated that Mike Singletary's job was safe.

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What is interesting about this is that when he's asked what is his threshold, he said, "Let's win against Philadelphia." Given that the team did not in fact win that game, that would certainly seem to push Coach Singletary a bit closer to the hot seat. Whatever the case, when an owner starts talking about a coach's job security, that's exactly when it's clear the coach's job is not quite so secure.

Given how spectacularly things have imploded thus far, this is clearly going to be a running story the rest of this season. Whether the 49ers make any sort of coaching change or not, we'll be here to provide updates on the turmoil within the 49ers organization. Even if no major event takes place, there is plenty of media commentary to provide on this volatile situation.