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Video Of John Wall From Sunday's Summer League Game In LA

Includes very close up video of Wall signing autographs for fans prior to the game and his interaction with Thunder guard James Harden after the game’s conclusion.

Video Of Kevin Durant From Sunday's Summer League Game In LA

Includes close up video of Durant saying hello to Russell Westbrook before the game, a nice drive and layup, a nice drive culminating in a big dunk and the superstar’s interaction with fans near the game’s end.

Drew League Vs. Goodman League Rematch Set For Carson In October

The Drew League-Goodman League rematch is set to take place on the Cal State Dominguez campus in Carson, California on October 9th.

Hello, GoGoRadio sold tickets to the Goodman League "Capital Punishment" basketball game. It was...

Hello, GoGoRadio sold tickets to the Goodman League "Capital Punishment" basketball game. It was played at Trinity University Gym on August 22, 2011. As you are aware the event was oversold and many people that purchased tickets from GoGoRadio were not able to get in. After talking with the promoter, they will refund money to those individuals that did not get in the event. The Goodman League will provide GoGoRadio with the master Will-Call list that details the people who did get in the game; GoGoRadio should receive the list August 22, 2011 by COB. After receiving the master list, GoGoRadio will call those individuals identified by the Goodman League who should receive a refund; this process should take 4 to 5 days. If you are entitled to a refund you will receive a call from GoGoRadio asking for your credit card information, GoGoRadio doesn’t keep credit card information once the charge process is complete. Once we process the refund it should take one to two weeks for the refund to show on your credit card statement. We are sorry any inconvenience this may have caused you and others attending the event. We have dealt with that the Goodman League before and never had any problems. The Goodman league indicated that tickets were duplicated illegally. We will do our best to make sure all individuals due a refund get's it. Thank You Lowell Cade GoGoRadio.com

Email from GoGoRadio sent on August 22, 2011. Note that there are some typos from the original email but I left them there intentionally. This is a classy move and the right thing to do considering how many people wanted to see John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, JaVale McGee, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Gary Neal, and others.

Dorrell Wright, Tyreke Evans & DeMarcus Cousins Join NBA Elite in Summer Pro-Am Showdown

With the NBA lockout in full effect, some players are looking abroad for possible playing opportunities against top-level talent this summer. Others are taking it to the streets, literally.  The G...

CONTROVERSY: Cousins gets T’d up … in a streetball game

When DeMarcus Cousins becomes a very good NBA player, some people are going to have to apologize for writing him off prematurely as a hot-headed malcontent incapable of behaving like an adult within a team context. But for now, Cousins is just making it too easy. While we were all barbecuing and playing beach volleyball and otherwise celebrating America’s independence, Cousins was busy earning a technical foul during a streetball game in Washington, D.C.’s legendary Goodman league, according to the Afro. Again: He earned a technical during a streetball game in a league that, according to every description I’ve read this morning, is part serious (there is lots of talent every summer) and informal, with some running trash-talk play-by-play from the commissioner and lots of the highlight showboating you normally see in streetball action. Cousins got called for traveling and threw the ball out of the gym. In a streetball game. SI STORY: http://nba-point-forward.si.com/2011/07/05/cousins-gets-td-up-in-a-streetball-game/ ORIGINAL REPORT: http://afro.com/sections/sports/story.htm?storyid=71744
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