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Revisiting the Penn State Scandal after the Freeh Report


With the Freeh Report, we learned of a massive leadership failure at Penn State. This failure should serve as a reminder that college athletics should not be accorded more importance than that to...

Should Colleges Pay Student Athletes?


It's an old debate, but I thought this was an interesting opinion piece. I think the article is especially appropriate during draft time.

Lew Perkins Makes Almost As Much As Mack Brown


Perkins is the Kansas Athletics Director, and the Kansas City Stars reports that thanks to a one-time retention bonus, Pekins made 4.4 million in 2009. Most of the bonus came from Kansas Athletics...

The SEC Trying To Restrict Media Coverage


...or at least restrict those who aren't paying them for the privilege. The Southeastern Conference announced new rules that would restrict media outlets in terms of use of video, audio,...

The SEC TV Contract - What it Means to The Big 12


the ACC, Big 10, Big East and the Pac 10. Heading into the 2009 football season, the Southeastern Conference is begining a 15-year deal with ESPN and CBS that makes the conference "A First Among...

Why Not Deal With Street Agents? Why Does the SEC?


Bagmen If street agents are becoming an increasingly dominant fixture in college football (and they are) why doesn't Texas participate in the game? After we started writing about it, this...

ESPN, SEC to reach into Big 12 Territory...


...and the ACC, Big 10, the Big East and the Pac 10 with their new TV contract. ESPN Regional Television, the new over-the-air syndication home for some Southeastern Conference programming ,...

Texas To Pac-10 Story Revisited


When Arkansas jumped to the SEC in 1990 the final stage for the demise of the SWC was set in motion. The league had already been doomed by various factors, not the least of which was the unbridled...

College Football: Breakout Teams in 2009


Now that the July Rubicon has been forded and my mourning for Michael Jackson has ended, our attentions can turn in earnest to college football preview magazines and preseason prognostication. ...

We're Number 6!!!


in the final Learfield Sports Director's Cup D-1 Standings. It's the award that is given annually to the best overall collegiate athletics program. Actually, its proper name should be the Cardinal...

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