Mar 22, 2012; Stanford CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck during pro day at Stanford Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Will Be Drafted No. 1 Overall, According To Report

It comes as no surprise that the Indianapolis Colts will take Andrew Luck No. 1 overall in the 2012 NFL draft.

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NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Needs Playmakers With Colts To Be Successful

Obvious title is obvious, but it's true: Andrew Luck is not going to be successful with the Indianapolis Colts unless he gets some playmakers around him. A quarterback can only do so much on the field, and while Indy has needs at just about every position on the field, there has been talk in recent days that the Colts may focus on the offensive side of the ball next week at the 2012 NFL Draft.

Mel Kiper of ESPN did an extensive Q&A with football writers from all over the nation. He talked about Luck and his future team extensively, and while he agrees that the former Stanford standout will need some help, it really doesn't matter where the Colts go this year.

Obviously they have a pick in the top of the second, and you also have to think about the defense. You can't forget about the defense. The defense has a lot of holes, too, and if you're going with this scheme you need players who can play it. They brought in a couple guys from the Ravens, Redding and Zbikowski, to help out there in terms of just understanding what Chuck Pagano wants.

But will Fleener be there in the second round? Possibly. I've been going one pick ahead, and obviously if you have Andrew Luck, you bring in Coby Fleener, there's nothing wrong with that. (Peyton) Manning relied on the tight ends heavily and certainly Fleener did it at Stanford, was a key guy. Fleener was the go to guy for Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck also had two other tight ends that were heavily in the mix.

The bottom line is, yeah, that could be, but you have so many need areas. You could go wide receiver at some point early, offensive line early. You could go defensive line early. This team has got so many holes where they can just basically set up their board and just pick accordingly.

There is no doubt that Fleener would be a huge pickup for Luck's development, but most mock drafts have the talented TE going late in the first round. Should he not be available and the projected first round receivers all get selected as planned, it'll likely be a defensive player taken in the second round. This may not be ideal for Luck, but the rebuilding project in Indianapolis is going to take a long way one way or another.

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NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck To Go No. 1 To Indianapolis Colts, According To ESPN's Adam Schefter

It certainly doesn't come as a shock, but the news finally came down early Thursday morning that former Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck will be selected No. 1 overall in the upcoming NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

Per ESPN's Adam Schefter on Twitter:

If they were so inclined the Colts could decide to start their negotiations as soon as possible, but seem like they are more willing to wait until he is officially with the team before anything gets hashed out in full. But with the Peyton Manning era officially over, the Colts now have their man moving forward as they feel Luck is a better fit for their squad that Robert Griffin III.

The draft may still be a few days away, but Colts fans already have something to celebrate.

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NFL Draft 2012: Area Prospects Top's Positional Rankings

Perusing and TFY Draft Insider's NFL Draft Prospect Database.


Andrew Luck Meets With Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay

The best kept secret in the 2012 NFL Draft is that the Indianapolis Colts seem like they're ready to take Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck is the type of franchise player who can really change the fortunes of a team that's been in the dumps. If there's an heir apparent to Luck, he's your guy.

Colts owner Jim Irsay met with Luck today and came away very impressed with what he saw. In fact his statements seem to indicate that he wants him on his team.

Seems like Luck has another fan to be drafted with the number one pick, and the opinion of this guy is the most essential one in that equation.

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Mel Kiper Mock Draft: Andrew Luck To Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck of the Stanford Cardinal continues to be the best possible option for any team to pick at quarterback. Luck is a top signal-caller who has great pocket presence and accuracy, excellent measurables and arm strength, and definitely can hit all areas of the field without fail.

The biggest question is whether Luck will be the first one drafted. Robert Griffin III is a worthy adversary for the top pick in the draft, although it's likely he'll end up second overall. But both have their advantages if they're picked first.

Mel Kiper's latest mock draft files this report, which you can view if you have an ESPN Insider account ($). Seems that Kiper is secure in having Luck being the number one pick.

No, the knowledge that Luck will be doing a private workout with the Colts doesn't change my thinking here. His pro day was as good as expected -- meaning, very good -- and Luck has little left to prove before draft day. I'll be interested to see if he and the Colts get something done contractually before the draft to further diffuse any suspense.

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NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck is the "1st Pick in the 1st Round and There’s No Question About It"

NBC's Michelle Tafoya recently interviewed long-time NFL coach Tom Moore - who has been tutoring former Stanford QB Andrew Luck since the end of the 2011 college football season - and Moore didn't mince words when he was asked whether the Colts should draft Luck or go another route. There has been some hype and speculation of late that Robert Griffin III might be more worthy of the first overall pick and future as the Colts franchise quarterback, but Moore would disagree. He said:

"This kid [Luck] is the first pick in the first round and there's no question about it. I would draft him and I would never look back."

Moore has a lot of experience coaching quarterbacks, and was the Colts offensive coordinator from 1998 - 2010, overseeing Peyton Manning's illustrious career in Indy. After coaching Luck for the past few months, Moore offered his opinion on why he thinks the Colts should take the Stanford QB.

He's the real deal. If you draft him you never have to worry about anything. You know he'll be prepared. You know he'll be in shape. You know he'll study. You know he'll practice hard. You won't have to worry about anything. And you'll know he's going to go home and spend two-to-three more hours working on what you talked about.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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2012 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck To Have Private Workout With Colts Today

The Indianapolis Colts will hold a private workout with possible no. 1 pick, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, today on Stanford's campus.

A large contingent of the Colts' organization will be in attendance including general manager Ryan Grigson, coach Chuck Pagano, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen and VP of football operations Tom Telesco.

The Colts are still going through the process of deciding between Luck and Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III but Griffin won't be a part of this part of the process as his agent turned down the opportunity for a private workout. Griffin doesn't want to risk injury when he's guaranteed to either go no. 1 to the Colts or no. 2 to the Redskins.

Colts owner Jim Irsay will not be in attendance for the workout but has said that a quarterback will be taken with the first pick in the draft. Which quarterback that is, however, is still to be determined and this workout is another opportunity for Luck to prove why he should be that pick.

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NFL Draft 2012: Colts Plan Private Workout With Andrew Luck, Not RG3

The 2012 NFL Draft is less than a month away and the Indianapolis Colts continue their preparations. The latest news has the Colts planning a private workout with Stanford QB Andrew Luck. In an interesting twist, the Colts will not conduct a private workout with Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

According to Colts GM Ryan Grigson, circumstances do not allow them to do anything private with RG3. It is entirely possible their schedules just don't match, but given that there is still plenty of time before the draft, one has to imagine those circumstances are the fact that the Colts plan on drafting Luck. This has been the expected move dating back to last fall, but Griffin has done enough in the draft process to at least pique the media's interest in developing a battle for the number one spot.

In reality, that battle is nothing more than a media-created story. Griffin has looked great for going on seven months now, but Luck has done plenty to avoid dropping from that top spot. He is as safe a pick as one will likely find in the NFL Draft and the Colts are going to select him. This private workout news only further emphasizes that result.


NFL Draft 2012: A Closer Look At Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III Pro Days

Over at SB Nation's Indianapolis Colts blog Stampede Blue, Brad Wells took some time to take a closer look at quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, and their respective performances at their respective pro days.

Both men shined in their own way when performing on Pro Day with folks in awe of Luck's 'polished' quarterback skills that have had scouts drooling over him for seemingly forever. He dimed a 70-yard bomb into the wind, missed four out of 50 completions because of drops, and was near perfect despite blustery winds and cool temperatures.Wells notes that some may have chuckled over the fact he didn't throw in the confines of Lucas Oil Stadium during the combine, but was more than able to get it done in the elements as well.

Griffin makes it look just as easy out there, though some believe he is much less 'polished' on the field that Luck. He made 51 throws at his pro day at Baylor, looking calm and relaxed throughout as music played over the loud speakers. He would tell reporters he just wanted to show that 'he's been working' not trying to impress anybody as his pro day.

The Colts could take either one in this year's draft and likely have their QB of the future, but how will they ultimately decide?

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NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Stanford Pro Day Recap

Andrew Luck looked like Andrew Luck in Stanford's Pro Day on Thursday. The projected No. 1 overall draft picked threw a 70-yard pass into the wind and showed exceptional footwork according to SB Nation's Mocking the Draft.

If the 70-yard pass into the wind is not enough to convince pundits about his arm strength, here is the opinion of Mike Mayock who was covering the event for the NFL Network:

"He has a good arm, not a great arm. And that's fine -- arm strength's the most overrated tool in a quarterback, anyway," said NFL Network's Mike Mayock while covering the event. "He's got plenty of arm strength to play in this league, trust me. (Via: USA Today)

According to an Associated Press report, Luck completed 46 of 50 passes to his receivers — three of the incompletions were drops by the receivers. Though Luck is considered to be a lock to the Indianapolis Colts who hold the No. 1 pick, the Washington Redskins who hold the No. 2 overall pick met with Luck on Wednesday night and attended his Pro Day workout.

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2012 NFL Draft: David DeCastro Receives Interest From Bengals

David DeCastro is one of a kind--an offensive guard who will probably come in and start at a potential All-Pro level the next ten or so years in the league. The Stanford lineman deserves just as much credit as Andrew Luck for the resurgence of the Cardinal back to the top of college football.

At least one team is taking a close look at DeCastro.

Cincinnati obviously could use some offensive linemen on the interior. While their pass protection was stellar for their quarterbacks, their run blocking was ranked often in the bottom tier of the league.

However, Cincinnati is a little low in the draft order, and DeCastro might not be available when they get to their pick in the first round. Could it be possible that the Bengals end up trading this pick to move up to draft him? It might be worth it to get someone who's as close to a sure thing as DeCastro is.

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2012 NFL Draft: Jonathan Martin Meets With Bills, Vikings, Browns

Jonathan Martin of the Stanford Cardinal isn't as coveted as Matt Kalil of the USC Trojans, but he's right behind him in the race to be one of the top offensive tackles picked up in the 2012 NFL Draft. So it figures a lot of teams that don't have one of the top two picks (which will almost certainly go to Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III) should examine whether they should decide to pick up Martin.

Indeed, at Stanford Pro Day, multiple teams seemed to take a look at Martin, all of whom need offensive tackles.

Minnesota, Buffalo and Cleveland all need a top offensive lineman, and it's clear Martin is one of the best option available to these lottery teams. Minnesota will likely draft Kalil if they do go with an offensive tackle, but it's always important to consider all alternatives if necessary.

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2012 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck Pro Day Update, Meets With Redskins

The biggest debate concerning the 2012 NFL Draft is whether Andrew Luck would go first overall, or possibly go first overall. It doesn't look like anything is going to change in that regard, not after another masterful performance, this time at Stanford's Pro Day. Mocking the Draft files this report: Here is a snippet.

The most impressive thing about the work-out to me was the footwork, it was so methodical. Nearly every step was in the right place. But we weren't able to see perhaps Luck's most impressive aspect of his game. What he can do pre-snap; reading the defense, checking out of bad plays into good ones, changing receivers routes, that is unrivaled by any quarterback I've seen come out, certainly in recent years. We didn't even get to see any of this today.

So far, so good, nothing to really keep Luck from being the number one pick. The Indianapolis Colts seem like a virtual lock to be drafting Luck with the number one pick. Still, it looks as if the Redskins aren't quite ready to give up on Luck just yet.

Expect this back and forth to go on until draft day. The Colts remain the frontrunners for Luck, but if they change their minds and warm up to Griffin, who knows what could happen.

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NFL Draft 2012: Coby Fleener Pro Day Update

Coby Fleener of the Stanford Cardinal is the best tight end available in the 2012 NFL Draft. The biggest question is whether he'll make it past Day One or drop to the second day.

Fleener's Pro Day went fairly well. He put up a 4.45 yard 40-yard dash, which is excellent speed for a tight end. The rest of his numbers show extreme athleticism for a tight end.

Fleener did injure his ankle and had to head to the training table. Fleener has had plenty of issues with his right ankle in the past; we'll have to see if that makes a difference.

The 49ers might be interested, but could Jim Harbaugh really draft another tight end to put alongside Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker? Don't put it past him. The man loves his tight ends, and he's already more than familiar with Fleener. The Seahawks are pretty interested too.

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Andrew Luck Pro Day 2012: Time, TV, Online Stream, More Information

In many ways, Pro Day for Andrew Luck will be a bit anti-climactic. Unless Luck totally bombs out, he is destined to be the number one pick, so there isn't really that much to watch out for on Stanford Pro Day tomorrow unless you really just want to see him throw.

Luck's teammates have more at stake, as David DeCastro and Jonathan Martin will be fighting for premium lottery position, and guys like Coby Fleener, Chris Owusu and Delano Howell just want to keep on moving up that board.

Here's more info about tomorrow's event.

Time: 11 AM PT/2 PM PT

TV: Will vary depending on which network you're watching it on. NFL Network and ESPNU will both be covering the event. NFL Network's coverage begins at noon PST/3 p.m. EST and will last one hour. ESPNU goes longer, starting at 11 am PST and wrapping up at 2 pm.

Online: ESPN3 will be streaming the event; check your satellite and cable provider to see if you have the service. ESPN3 should also be mirroring ESPNU's hours, i.e. starting at 11 am and ending at 2 pm.

To discuss Stanford pro day with Cardinal fans, head on over to Rule of Tree. To discuss Andrew Luck news in general, hit up our storystream.


NFL Free Agency: Reggie Wayne Staying With Colts Will Benefit Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts are currently in the process of blowing up a good majority of their roster. While just about every veteran has been let go, Reggie Wayne re-signed with the team on a three-year deal on Tuesday. Not only is Wayne still a capable wide receiver, but he also has years of experience working with Peyton Manning, arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the league.

Andrew Luck is expected to be the starter from the day he sets foot in Indianapolis and will inevitably have some rough days while he makes the transition to the NFL. For as many things that Wayne does well on the field, he does them equally well off the field. He will serve as the perfect mentor off the field for Luck to follow and also gives him a strong receiving option to look for every week. To think that these two will develop an excellent chemistry in the coming months is not out of the question at all.

As for Luck and his other receiving options, the Colts are looking pretty thin right now. Tight ends Dallas Clark and Jacob Tamme are both likely gone and Pierre Garcon left to sign with the Redskins. You can bet that Indianapolis will continue to be active in the free agent market and will also draft at least one wide receiver and tight end at the 2012 NFL Draft, if not more. For as talented as he may be, Luck is going to struggle if he doesn't have anyone to throw the ball to.

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Andrew Luck Pro Day Live Streaming Info: Watch Stanford Workouts Before The NFL Draft

Many colleges will be holding a Pro Day in March. These workouts are open to NFL coaches, scouts and evaluators and allow NFL teams one last chance to personally scout prospects before the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Stanford Cardinal will be holding their Pro Day on Thursday, March 22. Quarterback Andrew Luck is believed to be a virtual lock to be selected by the Indianapolis Colts as the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, but he will still be drawing a large crowd of onlookers.

Now you too will be able to witness the Luck workout from the comfort of your own home. ESPN will be streaming the Pro Day beginning at 10:00 a.m. PT on March 22. You can watch that Pro Day stream by clicking here at the appropriate time. Go ahead and bookmark that if you need to. We don't mind.

For lots more on the 2012 NFL Draft, head over to Mocking the Draft.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube


NFL Combine 2012: Colts Source Says Andrew Luck 'Is The Guy' For Them

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay seems just about ready to throw in the towel on Peyton Manning as a Yahoo! Sports report from Michael Silver suggests that Irsay is more than ready to pull the trigger on projected No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck.

Sure, Irsay has some uncomfortable times ahead of him, like having to cut the face of your franchise before having to pay him $28 million, but he's making sure to focus on the positives, like how Luck has been performing at the combine this weekend. The Colts aren't confused as to where their new direction in currently heading:

As one Colts source said earlier this week, "Luck is The Guy. I don't care what happens [at the combine]. I don't care if Griffin flies."

Luck certainly hasn't been performing poorly at the combine, in fact quite the opposite, which is just assurance that they're making the right decision by taking him No. 1 overall.

For more on the Combine head over to Mocking the Draft. For more on the Colts quarterback situation, head over to Stampede Blue.


2012 NFL Combine Results: Andrew Luck Nearly Matches Cam Newton In Drills [VIDEO]

The most high profile day of the 2012 NFL Combine is underway as quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers are all going through their uniform and position-specific drills in Indianapolis. The most famous event is the 40-yard dash, which some call "The Money Maker." Some players will boost their stock with a good 40 and others can hurt their stock with a poor 40.

For quarterbacks, the 40-yard dash is as much simply a box to check as they look to show NFL teams some semblance of athleticism. Consider that box emphatically checked by Stanford QB Andrew Luck. The consensus number one pick in April's draft matched Cam Newton's 2011 performance with an unofficial 4.59 run on his second run of the day. He also came close to came with his 36" vertical leap and his 10'4" broad jump.

Andrew Luck has had solid athleticism throughout his Stanford career, but given his prolific passing numbers combined with his size (6'4, 234) it was always easy to overlook that athleticism. He is not a scrambling QB in the mold of Cam Newton, but he can create plays with his legs as needed. He can move around in and out of the pocket looking for the pass, and he can also tuck it and run for big gains. The best example of his running skills came in a 58-yard scramble against Cal in the 2010 Big Game:


NFL Combine 2012: Andrew Luck Won't Throw At Combine, Discusses Peyton Manning

Projected No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Luck took to the podium Friday at the 2012 NFL combine, touching on a number of subjects including the fact that he will not throw at the combine this year, his relationship with Peyton Manning as well as his former coach Jim Harbaugh, and his plans for the rest of the combine.

The big question is how Luck would fare with Peyton Manning if both were on the Colts together. Luck was adamant that it could only be a plus if he joined on with No. 18:

On playing behind Peyton Manning:

"If I have the opportunity to learn from a guy like that, of course, you're going to take advantage of it."

Manning and Luck exchanged a few text messages when he was deciding on enter the draft last year, and has a rapport with him through some of his QB camps. 'He was my hero growing up," according to Luck.

Luck also touched on his former coach at Stanford Jim Harbaugh, and his time spent with the Colts as well.

On Coach Jim Harbaugh's time in Indianapolis:

"I am familiar with Captain Comeback and I know he had a great career here."

Even though he won't be throwing, he will be taking part in all the other drills, weighing in at 6-4 234 pounds. But a clean-shaven Luck showed some of off some his personality as well towards the end of the Q & A:

Can't wait to see how he fares in the combine, though it might not affect his draft stock much.

For more on the Draft, head over to Mocking the Draft.


NFL Combine 2012: Mike Mayock Previews Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III [VIDEO]

As the NFL Combine gets going, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is in his element breaking down the various players taking part in the festivities. He has had a chance to break down a ton of film on these guys and he can now apply that film breakdown to what he sees in the drills and how the players measure out.

Mayock took a few minutes to chat with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk (video below) and spent a good chunk of the discussion talking about Stanford QB Andrew Luck. The breakdown begins just after the three-minute mark. Mayock is a fan of what Luck brings to the table as a quarterback, but he is hesitant to declare him a once in a generation talent as many people have been inclined to do over the last seven months. Mayock believes Luck has the work ethic and love of the game that is needed to be great, but he also thinks Luck has areas to work on including making some of the throws at the next level. He thinks there is a good chance Luck is a Pro Bowl QB, but he is not prepared to go beyond that quite yet.

He also took some time to discuss the budding QB battle between Luck and Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. There have been a few mentions of the Peyton Manning versus Ryan Leaf battle back in 1998 but Mayock thinks that if Griffin does continue moving up it is much different than what hindsight has revealed about Manning-Leaf. Leaf was a one year wonder and there were some questions about his mental make-up, which revealed themselves after he was drafted. Although Griffin is coming off his best year, he worked his way up to it with a fairly solid 2010 season.

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2012 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck To Get Warren Moon Tutoring?

Andrew Luck doesn't have many issues going into the NFL Draft. He's got a great sense of how to command a pro-style offense, is great at reading defenses and making decisions at the line of scrimmage, knows how to look off defenders and hit his secondary reads, has good accuracy, good mobility, good scrambling ability, can hit players from inside and outside the pocket, you name it. Luck was can't-miss with the Stanford Cardinal in leading them to two BCS bowl appearances.

Still, that doesn't mean there aren't improvements that couldn't be made. Luck could afford to have a little bit more of a quicker release to ensure footballs don't get intercepted. Luck's wind-up is a little bit slower than it probably could be because he wants to make sure he gets the right accuracy to his receivers, but it does leave the football up in the air longer, and that sort of mechanical issue might get exploited by faster NFL defenders.

He might have found the right mentor before the draft to try and fix that up.

Moon is definitely the right guy to talk to when it comes to the quick release. His footballs rifled out of his hand and found his receivers, as the run and shoot dictated timing and precision between quarterback and wideouts. If Luck can find that type of precision, he's that much closer to being a complete prospect.

To talk about Luck with Stanford fans, head to Rule of Tree. To talk about the possibility of Luck being the Colts, check out Stampede Blue. To talk about Luck and the NFL Draft, go to Mocking the Draft.


NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck, Colts Allowed To Work On Contract Starting Friday

We all might have ourselves an answer to this Peyton Manning riddle much sooner than later.

NBC's Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio is reporting that the earliest the Indianapolis Colts can sign projected No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck is this Friday, which could be possibly prove to be some writing on the wall as to where the team stands on Peyton Manning at the moment.

Thanks to the new rookie wage scale, it makes it easier to sign No. 1 draft picks before the draft, especially with much less money to negotiate than previous years. So in theory, Luck could join the Colts this Friday and be Peyton Manning's teammate after all, but for how long no one knows.

With all the hoopla surrounding Peyton and Luck, Florio suggests nipping the issue in the bud so to speak by putting the two together could be a positive for Jim Irsay and the Colts:

With owner Jim Irsay clearly concerned about the P.R. issues relating to the departure of the team's franchise quarterback, why not get the next franchise quarterback under contract before sending Peyton packing?

It could prove to make some nice photo shoots and such, but these two can't be on the same team for long. It will be interesting to see if he Colts try to move on Luck this early before the draft, or wait until they figure out how to move Peyton.

For more on the Draft, head over to Mocking the Draft. For more on the Colts, head over to Stampede Blue.


NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Willing To Throw At NFL Combine, Colts Tell Him No

Andrew Luck will undoubtably be the No. 1 overall pick at the 2012 NFL Draft and the NFL Combine is right around the corner. While most top-picks avoid throwing at the combine, Luck reportedly was willing to throw for teams to display his abilities in front of scouts from all across the league. Despite his willingness to participate, Luck will not throw at the combine, according to this report.

This gives even further credibility that the Colts aren't even considering trading the pick or taking Robert Griffin III to be their quarterback of the future. Regardless if Peyton Manning is in Indianapolis next season or not, it sure looks like Luck will be. Now it's just a matter of if and when Luck will become the starter.

NFL Draft talk is going to heat up in the coming weeks. Get ready for a wild ride, folks.

For more on Luck and the Stanford Cardinal, check out Rule Of Tree. For Colts news, head on over to Stampede Blue.


NFL Combine 2012: Mike Mayock Discusses Andrew Luck, David DeCastro, Jonathan Martin

The Stanford Cardinal have three top prospects that should be drafted in the first round: Quarterback Andrew Luck, offensive guard David DeCastro, and offensive tackle Jonathan Martin. Mike Mayock is one of the top draft analysts, and he likes them all. On, Mayock ranks Luck as his top quarterback, DeCastro as his top interior offensive lineman, and Martin as his third offensive tackle.

While Luck is going to be the number one pick 99.9% of the time, Mayock isn't as sold on Luck as the chosen one as others might have been. Gregg Rosenthal of Pro Football Talk has more.

Mayock just doesn’t see Luck as some sort of "once in a lifetime" prospect like others have indicated. (Yes, others means ESPN in this case.) Mayock compared Luck’s talent level more to someone like Sam Bradford.

Mayock seems to think Martin would be a good fit for many teams, including the Detroit Lions. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports.

"Jonathan Martin, to me, (is) the prototypical left tackle," Mayock said in a teleconference today. "Gifted athletically, needs to get a little bit stronger. A lot of things I said about (top tackle prospect Matt) Kalil, you could say about him. Needs to get a little bit stronger but will protect the quarterback."

From the same article on the Detroit Free Press on the monstrous Stanford offensive guard.

"I think DeCastro’s pretty sure," Mayock said. "You can plug him in, you can play him day one.

To talk about Luck, DeCastro and Martin with Stanford football fans, head over to Rule of Tree. To talk about these top three prospects, check out Mocking the Draft.


NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck A Unanimous No. 1 Overall Pick

It may only be the middle of February, but just about everyone in the football world knows who the No. 1 overall pick will be at the 2012 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck. Toss out any rumors or whispers that are supposedly floating around, the Colts are going to take Luck come April 26, regardless if Peyton Manning is a Colt, Dolphin, Cardinal, Seahawk, Jet or paid actor in the latest Sony commercial.

The most recent mock draft from SB Nation agrees with this sentiment.

1. Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

The Colts will draft Luck. Ignore speculation that says otherwise. Luck is a once-in-a-generation prospect that will replace the other once-in-a-generation prospect whose bitter divorce with this team will consume most of the offseason's talk over the coming weeks.

In addition to Luck, it is also very like two of his teammates from Stanford will be selected in the first round.

11. Kansas City Chiefs, Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

What a break for the Chiefs to get Martin with this pick. Martin represents a major upgrade to their offensive line, replacing Barry Richardson. This pick, along with the healthy return of Jamaal Charles and a handful of other key players lost in 2011, could have the Chiefs back in the running for the AFC West.

And for the other:

13. Arizona Cardinals, David DeCastro, OG, Stanford

Arizona needs help all along the front five. Just ask Kevin Kolb. DeCastro has rare talent for an interior lineman. If guards were valued as highly in the draft as tackles, he would be a top 10 pick, and the world should applaud any team that decides to draft him that highly. For now, we will assume the Cardinals grab him.

This is a pretty strong showing from the Stanford Cardinal, and it's players like these three who helped raise the program to the high level it currently sits at.


2012 NFL Draft: Jim Irsay Wants Peyton Manning Back. Maybe.

It's Valentine's Day. Love is in the air, girls and boys everywhere are smooching over chocolates and flowers while watching the Twilight saga together. So why wouldn't Jim Irsay want his best buddy Peyton Manning back? Adam Schefter has more.

SportsCenter is also reporting the following:

Is this just Irsay doing spin control on the situation? Irsay didn't seem too particularly happy with Manning the first time he commented on the possibility of his superstar quarterback leaving, and he is receiving a lot of flak for it in public circles. So Irsay might just be making a move to try and show that he does want his quarterback to stick around, but it's up to him on whether he wants to return.

It's more likely that Irsay is pretty much confiding with these statements that he's going forward with Andrew Luck as his main guy regardless, and Luck shouldn't have anything to worry about if the Colts pick him. Accepting Manning on a reduced salary means Indianapolis isn't that confident in his ability going forward, and Peyton should go look and find max money elsewhere.

To talk about Manning, Luck, Irsay and the Colts, head on over to Stampede Blue. Follow more NFL Draft coverage over at Mocking the Draft.


2012 NFL Draft Pro Days: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III To Work Out On Same Day

Following the late February NFL Combine, the month of March features most every major college hosting its annual Pro Day for NFL scouts. Pro Days allow scouts to view an entire school of players work out at once. They can view the high profile players while also potentially finding a sleeper in the mix.

Stanford and Baylor have announced their Pro Days and they will take place at the same time on Thursday, March 22. This is particularly interesting because it means Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will work out on the same day. Andrew Luck is the consensus number one pick at this point, but RG3 has pushed himself up draft boards and could still challenge Luck for the number one spot.

Teams have enough scouts to send them to both teams, but it will be interesting to see how many Colts scouts make an appearance at Griffin's Pro Day versus Luck's Pro Day. On the one hand, most people expect the Colts to take Luck. However, since they have been tracking him most of the year, they might be more inclined to check out Griffin one last time.


2012 NFL Draft: Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay To Meet This Week As Andrew Luck Waits

The future of the Indianapolis Colts might be determined this Thursday when quarterback Peyton Manning and owner Jim Irsay meet this week. Manning told the Indianapolis Star that he expects to do so.

"I told him I would pass that along,’’ Peyton said. "We talked about getting together and I think it will be this week. He just said, ‘I look forward to sitting down with you soon.’ I told him the same thing.

"One thing he and I are not going to do is give a set date, where it’s like a game. We’ll handle it the way it should be handled and go from there.’’

How that meeting goes could set the tone for whether or not Peyton Manning is the starting quarterback of the Colts next year or if Standford Cardinal QB Andrew Luck will take over for him.

If you're playing the odds, you might want to know that Vegas oddsmakers at Bovada have the Arizona Cardinals as the early leader in the clubhouse followed by the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and then the Colts.

To discuss the NFL Draft with Stanford football fans, head to Rule of Tree. For more on the Colts, head over to the SB Nation blog Stampede Blue. To discuss the NFL Draft, head over to Mocking The Draft.


2012 NFL Draft: Robert Griffin III Proclaims Himself Best QB In The Nation

The 2012 NFL Draft will feature numerous quarterbacks, but Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have stood apart from the rest of the class. Andrew Luck remains the consensus number one pick, but RG3 is hot on his trail for that top spot. It would still be a surprise to see Griffin surpass Luck, but most people were also locked in on Luck winning the Heisman as well, so anything is possible.

Griffin took some time to chat with Don Banks of in Indianapolis before Sunday's Super Bowl. He discussed a variety of topics including his plans to compete for the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, how Cam Newton's strong rookie season could impact him, and his thoughts on teams potentially trading a lot to move up and draft him.

His most notable comments reflected his confidence in his abilities. Colts owner JIm Irsay has indicated the Colts will take a quarterback with their number one pick (shocking!) and that Luck or Griffin would be that quarterback. Griffin is working to make his case for that number one pick:

I hate to talk about myself like that, but if I had to straight up tell a head coach or an owner why they should take me, it's because I'm the best in everything I've done. I'm the most accurate. I have the strongest arm. I may not be the tallest. I may not be the heaviest. But I'm the best quarterback in the nation, and if they pass on me, then I understand. But I'm going to go out and be the best quarterback for somebody else.

Griffin came out of nowhere in 2011 to claim the Heisman Trophy and emerge as a first round draft pick candidate. Although he does not have 13 more games to force the issue, the combine and private workouts will give RG3 a chance to at least raise enough doubt to create day one intrigue.


Andrew Luck Could 'Co-Exist' With Peyton Manning, But Prefers To Play

When it comes to the quarterback situation for the Indianapolis Colts, there seems to be two messaged need to be deciphered. The writing is on the wall for the first, they will draft Andrew Luck with the number one pick. The second is more like a cypher in an alien language as to what the team's ownership will do with Peyton Manning.

Either way, Luck says he's ready to get the work right away come next season.

Luck was at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Indianapolis on Thursday to get a little workout in. He, among with a number of talented collegiate players, will return in three weeks for the NFL combine and perhaps even after the NFL draft come April.

Luck noted that he could easily 'co-exist' with Manning, but would rather play right away one entering the league.

Manning's surgically-repaired neck forced him to sit out all of the 2011 season, though he says progress is being made and has even been throwing passes once again.. Peyton is due a $28 million roster bonus by March 8, the unofficial deadline for the Colts decision to be made.


NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Signs With Wasserman Media Group

Stanford Cardinal QB Andrew Luck will almost-certainly be the No. 1 selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, as every single mock draft out there projects. When he is, the Wasserman Media Group will represent him. Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal is reporting that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is expected to sign with Wasserman Media Group on Tuesday.

Instead of signing with a big-name agency like CAA or Athletes First or a top name like Eugene Parker or Drew Rosenhaus, Luck becomes the first football player with WMG. As Darren Rovell of CNBC points out, Luck will likely be represented by his uncle, William Wilson.

Lucky break for Wilson.

Wasserman Media Group is known largely for the basketball players but also rep the biggest names in American soccer (Landon Donovan, Tim Howard and Hope Solo) and the rising stars of golf (Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, Zach Johnson).

As Rovell also notes, WMG has had a No. 1 pick in the MLB, NBA, MLS and WNBA drafts. With the Colts expected to draft Luck, they can add a No. 1 NFL pick to the list.

To discuss the NFL Draft with Stanford football fans, head to Rule of Tree. To discuss the NFL Draft, head over to Mocking The Draft.


Robert Griffin III Draft Status: Baylor QB To Declare For 2012 NFL Draft, According To Reports

It's official. Andrew Luck's biggest competition is entering the draft alongside the consensus no. 1 pick.

Robert Griffin III is now available.

The Heisman Trophy winning quarterback out of Baylor will enter the NFL Draft and thus begin a competition with Luck that many saw coming.

Luck is the big prize. The "can't miss" prospect of this year's class. But Griffin's entry changes some things for Luck.

One, if Griffin rates just a hair behind Luck on teams' big boards, the Colts, who have the top pick, will see weaker potential deals for the pick because teams will see Griffin as a legit second option. If a team isn't willing to wager everything to trade up to get Luck, they could wait and grab Griffin a few picks later.

Two, as much as everyone is in love with Luck, Griffin isn't going away quietly. He is a legit no. 1 prospect. Whenever Luck is mentioned, Griffin will trail right behind him. Luck will have to beat out Griffin over and over again during the draft process. One slip up, and Griffin is there for the glory. Not saying it'll happen, just saying it isn't as farfetched as it may seem.

Let the fun begin...


NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Will Be Selected By The Indianapolis Colts

There has been a lot of speculation over the last few weeks on whether or not the Indianapolis Colts would select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall pick at the 2012 NFL Draft. While the general belief is Luck would become a Colt, a few in the football world have suggested the team should take Robert Griffin III because of his arm strength and ability to run the football.

RG3 potentially makes more sense for the Colts. The team does not have much of a run game at the moment and he would certainly help in that aspect. And while few believe Griffin is ready to start next season, he would have the chance to sit behind Peyton Manning for at least one season and learn the tools of the trade for an NFL quarterback. Should he reach his full potential, an argument can certainly be made that Griffin has a higher ceiling than Luck.

All of this being said, it is sounding more and more likely that there is absolutely no way that the Colts will select anyone other than Andrew Luck with their No. 1 pick. And, honestly, with Luck being the most sure-fire quarterback prospect to enter the draft since Peyton Manning or John Elway, who can blame them?

This certainly seems like the safe and smart move. The Colts are a franchise in transition right now and they cannot afford to strike out with their first round pick like they have for the last few years. It may take a little bit of time, but all signs point to Andrew Luck taking the torch from Peyton Manning and continuing the legacy of quarterback excellence in Indianapolis.


It's Unofficially Official: Stanford's Andrew Luck, David DeCastro and Jonathan Martin Declare For NFL Draft, According To Reports

Stanford must now let the stars that made them a national power, head off into the sunset and into the pro ranks.

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