BERKELEY CA - NOVEMBER 20: Andrew Luck #12 of the Stanford Cardinal celebrates after the Cardinal scored a touchdown against the California Golden Bears at California Memorial Stadium on November 20 2010 in Berkeley California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Cam Newton Wins 2010 Heisman Trophy; Andrew Luck Finishes Second In Voting

What does Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck have to do to move up in the Heisman Trophy race with Auburn Tigers quarterback Cam Newton and Oregon Ducks tailback LaMichael James? Follow more action on Luck at the Cardinal blog, at Rule of Tree.

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2010 Heisman Winner Is Cameron Newton; Andrew Luck Finishes A Distant Second

As expected, Cam Newton ran away with the Heisman Trophy. Despite being omitted on 105 ballots because of the accusations surrounding Newton and his father Cecil, he still garnered the 3rd highest percentage of first place votes of all-time (78.7 percent). He picked up 2,263 points in all; Andrew Luck finished behind him with 1,079 points, and Oregon tailback LaMichael James finished with 916 points.

According to the ESPN geographic breakdown, Newton won EVERY region, including the Western bloc where Luck, James and Boise State’s Kellen Moore resided. For the second straight year, a Stanford Cardinal player finished in second place in the Heisman voting and lost to a Heisman player—in 2009, running back Toby Gerhart was barely edged out by Alabama’s Mark Ingram.

It would’ve been a far more interesting battle if both Luck and Newton had finished with undefeated seasons, especially if Luck had gone into Autzen and taken down Oregon. Luck definitely has some pretty impressive moments to measure up to Newton’s season, although even THAT might still haven’t been enough.


2010 Heisman Trophy Projected Winner: Cam Newton, Andrew Luck Tabbed To Finish First, Second

The 2010 Heisman Trophy winner will be announced tonight between 5 and 6pm pacific time. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of Auburn QB Cam Newton walking away with the award, with Stanford QB Andrew Luck battling Oregon RB LaMichael James battling it out for second place. In fact, Stiff Arm Trophy has already called the race for Newton. Stiff Arm Trophy basically does the legwork to try and determine the Heisman Trophy winner as soon as possible.

Many of the voters write columns about their selection and are willing to publicly stand by their selection. Stiff Arm Trophy compiles all this data to figure out the winner. They called the race yesterday for Newton after determining 18% of the total ballots. Based on those ballots, the website predicted he would end up with approximately 86% of the possible 2,778 points available.

Since that time they’ve received 22 additional ballots that lower Newton’s projection to 84%. Andrew Luck has been the benficiary of those additional ballots as he appears to be pulling away from LaMichael James. Luck has nine first place votes to James’ two. There are a vast majority of ballots still to come, but Luck is in a position for a very solid second place.

Of the 168 ballots received, SAT stated that 13 left Newton off the ballot entirely. It would seem that leaving him off the ballot would only be because of the controversy surrounding Newton and his father. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but if a voter can justify any other reason, I’d love to hear it.

Bay Area writer Monte Poole voted Andrew Luck first and Cam Newton second. His justification was this:

It was a fairly simple process. I generally vote for the best player I see in person. That’s Luck. He’s a fantastic passer, a fearless and effective leader who was the player most responsible for the Cardinal’s top-five ranking.

Though Luck is not as mesmerizing as Newton, the two were so close in so many ways, I feel obligated and comfortable with rewarding the man with the cleaner résumé.

What I found interesting was his article headline, “With Heisman vote, I won’t snub Newton but I have Luck first.” The first paragraph quoted above indicates he thought Luck was better. Of course he doesn’t actually say if he’s seen Cam Newton play in person. If that’s the case, that’s kind of odd.

However, the second paragraph seemed to go against the stated spirit of his vote. It seems like he did use the character questions in part in deciding Luck over Newton. I suppose that might not be snubbing Newton, but it sounds that way to me. Poole is entitled to vote however he wants, but his vote and his justification seem a bit off.

We’ll be here later tonight for the Heisman Trophy Presentation. For more on Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal, check out Rule of Tree.


College Football Awards 2010: Cam Newton Defeats Andrew Luck For Davey O'Brien, Walter Camp Awards

In one of the least surprising developments in a long time, Cam Newton has won the 2010 Walter Camp Award and the 2010 Davey O’Brien Award. Stanford QB Andrew Luck was a finalist for both awards. Although the Heisman Trophy winner is not announced until tomorrow, these wins only increase the likelihood that Cam Newton will strike the Heisman pose tomorrow night.

The Walter Camp Award goes to the best player in college football. This is distinguished from the Heisman going to the most outstanding player, if that is in fact actually distinguishing. The Davey O’Brien Award is awarded to the nation’s best QB. Cam Newton is a phenomenal athlete and arguably the best player in college football this year. However, I would make the argument that he’s not the best QB in the country. He can be the best athlete and best player, but that does not necessarily mean he was the best quarterback.

I suppose that argument could depend in part on the definition of a quarterback. In college football there are so many different styles of quarterbacking that I suppose the more athletic version can be qualified as the best. We’ll see how well that works out at the NFL level next year.


2010 Heisman Trophy Candidates: Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, LaMichael James, Kellen Moore Invited To Ceremony

This Saturday the 2010 Heisman Trophy will be handed out at the Best Buy Theater in New York City. The group announced the four invitees for the annual dinner and Stanford QB Andrew Luck will be among the players present. In addition to Luck, the presentation will include favorite Auburn QB Cam Newton, Oregon RB LaMichael James, and Boise State QB Kellen Moore.

Although all the candidates had fantastic seasons, Cam Newton is generally considered the favorite for this award. In fact, the question has switched to the potential margin of victory and how big it might be. Some folks are keeping Newton off their ballot due to the off-the-field issues concerning his dad. Although Cam Newton was cleared of wrong-doing by the NCAA, that hasn’t stopped some voters from turning the ballot into their own personal soap box.

Given all this, Andrew Luck, LaMichael James, and Kellen Moore will be battling for second place. A week ago put together their latest ballot of 15 ESPN experts to see how the vote might finish. Newton continues to run away with the award, while Luck has a narrow lead for second over James and Moore.


2010 Heisman Trophy Watch: Vegas Odds Favor Cam Newton, LaMichael James And Andrew Luck Fighting For Second

Thanks to the Vegas site, we now know that everyone seems to believe Auburn Tigers quarterback Cameron Newton is capturing college football's most coveted individual prize. Newton is currently listed at -300 (risk three dollars to win one), putting him way ahead of his main competitors. It seems a spectacular campaign in the SEC is more than enough to assure that Newton takes home the award.

Oregon Ducks tailback LaMichael James is nearest at +150 (risk two dollars to win three), and Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck is at +175 (risk four dollars to win seven). Kellen Moore of the Boise St. Broncos figures to be the fourth individual to be invited to New York City for the ceremony, but he's a true dark horse at +500 (risk one dollar to win five). And if you want a true shot in the dark, Oklahoma St. Cowboys wide receiver Justin Blackmon is listed at +5000 (risk one dollar to win fifty).

So Luck seems to be in a battle for second place with James. Can the name recognition be enough to push him up the ballot?


2010 Heisman Trophy Watch: Cam Newton Has It Wrapped Up, Andrew Luck Fighting For Second

The Auburn signal-caller Cameron Newton wrapped up an incredible 2010 season in style, torching South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game. Newton racked up 335 passing yards and four touchdowns, the most he's thrown in college football; he also accumulated 73 yards on the ground and two more rushing scores. He outgained the entire Gamecock offense in the 56-17 rout.

So let's look at the records Newton broke this year, shall we?

  • He's the third player other than Tim Tebow or Colin Kaepernick to throw for 20 touchdowns (28) and rush for 20 touchdowns (20) in a single season.
  • He holds the single season record for SEC quarterback rushing in a single season at 1,409.
  • His 3,998 total offensive yards is the most in a single-season in Auburn history.
  • He's only the second quarterback in SEC history to rush for over a thousand yards, and the first to pass for 2000 yards and rush for 1000 yards (the eighth quarterback ever).
  • Also, he did all these things this year.

The only thing that can keep Newton from capturing the prize is off-the-field issues, but he's established himself so far ahead of the competition that he's unlikely to be surpassed. Perhaps if Andrew Luck had led the Stanford Cardinal to an upset over the Oregon Ducks, he'd be considered a more viable candidate. But Luck and LaMichael James don't generate the "WOW" factor that Newton has all season long.


2010 Heisman Trophy Watch: Cam Newton Must Stumble For Andrew Luck To Move Up

For the Stanford Cardinal quarterback to really make up ground in the Heisman Trophy race, Auburn's star most likely needs to fall, or at least play badly. Cameron Newton's list of accomplishments read like the opening statements in a Hall of Fame speech.

(via TheSportsManiak)


  (via babyllamamerr)

AU Football: Every Day... Iron Bowl Wow Plays (via AuburnAthletics)


And if the Auburn Tigers do beat the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Georgia Dome to go 13-0, the only thing that can really stop Cam from winning the Heisman Trophy is something extra, something off-the-field that clouds the overall picture around his shiny highlight reel. You know, something like this.

Cam Newton's Journey (via ESPN)

Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News lays out that Newton is probably not clean enough to be a true Heisman winner. Remember Reggie Bush!

Voters should not interpret Newton's reinstatement -- after a one-day, hush-hush stint of ineligibility -- as a green light to hike him the Heisman. If anything, the NCAA and Auburn confirmed a damning allegation, that Newton's father, Cecil, once marketed his son in a pay-for-play scheme.

Something still smells fishy with Newton. He gets to play, as long as his daddy stays away? That is not a glowing endorsement of the NCAA bylaws.

While it's probably not fair to judge a player based on perception, the cloud of seediness that surrounds the talented young athlete from Atlanta could be all that's needed to push the respectable Luck to the forefront.  A loss by Newton and Auburn in Atlanta couldn't hurt either.

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