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NHL Trade Deadline 2012: Sharks Make Trades But Rick Nash Stays Put

The San Jose Sharks didn't go all-out for offensive production at the NHL trade deadline, but instead added some good depth and help on the penalty kill. All of the players acquired can score, though. Rick Nash was but a fever dream. For more on the trade deadline and the Sharks in general, go to Fear The Fin.

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NHL Trade Deadline: Rick Nash Will Stay Put As Sharks, Rangers Fail In Final Push Near End

More: Analysis of Sharks Deadline Moves

The NHL trade deadline has come and gone, and Rick Nash is not on the San Jose Sharks. It's tough to see, given all of the buildup and discussion about the Sharks and the Columbus Blue Jackets - the Sharks were pegged as one of the teams in heavy pursuit of Nash, in the talks until the last minute. New York dropped out, Toronto dropped out, Los Angeles settled for another player and New York came back in.

Most likely, Columbus wouldn't budge on talks surrounding Logan Couture. San Jose told Columbus early on that Couture is not in the discussion, and no significant trade talks could be had if it starts and ends with him. Like any team should do, the Blue Jackets continued talks but in the end, held firm hoping that the deadline might force the Sharks into action.

Thankfully, they didn't, because Couture is too much to give up in this situation. Nash is great and would make the team better, but Couture is a rising star in the NHL and the Sharks need to keep him. There's no way a deal should have been struck with Couture being the guy that goes as the big portion of San Jose's trade.

Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch reports that Nash will stay put for the remainder of the season and was not traded at the deadline:

Earlier, Nash's agent said that the list of approved teams for trade, which included the Sharks, would not change in the offseason. With Nash reportedly wanting to get a deal done before the deadline, it makes a lot of sense to assume we'll be back here, revisiting Nash trade rumors once the offseason hits, with the Sharks right in the middle of it. They're bigger on offseason deals, anyway.

There were also reports that the Rangers came back with a huge offer for Nash, and the Blue Jackets declined, further lending credibility to the line of thought that they really wanted Couture. If the Sharks couldn't get a deal done and the Rangers couldn't with something mammoth, it would have taken something like Couture to get it done. This is likely due to the questionable job security of the Blue Jackets' current front office.


Sharks Acquire Daniel Winnik, T.J. Galiardi From Avalanche, Send Jamie McGinn, Others

With about an hour to go until the NHL trade deadline hits, the San Jose Sharks have made another move. Again, it's not the move expected or hoped for (a trade for Rick Nash presently dominates the headlines), but it appears to be a solid one. First, Bob McKenzie of TSN reported that the Sharks were working out a deal with the Colorado Avalanche, but not for David Jones as previously discussed.

Winnick would be a solid addition as a defensive forward. He can score when really needed to, has high CORSI numbers and is solid on the penalty kill, an area of constant need for the Sharks. He won't get a ton of ice time initially, but is young and hard-working, and you never know.

Then, McKenzie goes and and confirms it in his next tweet, adding that the Sharks received a 7th-round pick and T.J. Galiardi on top of that. There's no news who or what the Sharks gave up in this trade, but if it's something really significant, it could be a bad deal. Fortunately, it's likely that it's not significant, in which case the Sharks picked up at least one solid contributor and definitely two good spots for depth.

Update: According to a writer for the Denver Post, the Sharks have sent Jamie McGinn, Mike Connolly, and Michael Sgarbossa in exchange for Winnik, Galiardi and the 7th-round pick. At first glance, the trade is a good one, but losing McGinn does hurt. He's been very solid for the Sharks on the third line of late, and will probably play very well for the Avalanche.

The trade deadline is about an hour away, set for noon pacific.


NHL Trade Deadline: Sharks Interested In David Jones; Logan Couture Remains No-Go In Rick Nash Talks

He's not quite Rick Nash, or really even in the same ballpark, but the San Jose Sharks are reportedly interested in David Jones of the Colorado Avalanche. John Shannon of Sportsnet reported on Twitter that the Avalanche are looking to move Jones and that, more than just being interested, the Sharks are one of the top two teams with the most interest, alongside their long-time rivals, the Detroit Red Wings.

Jones is an interesting target, with the power to score in flurries but without much consistent pressure. Still, he's got 15 goals in the season and piled on 13 assists on top of that. He'd be an immediate contributor for the Sharks and does fit the bill of a deadline trade. So far, there's no information on what the Avalanche could be looking for, but they're likely motivated to get a deal done before the 12:00 noon pacific deadline.

In other RICK NASH news (did we mention Rick Nash yet?), a reassuring tweet from Bruce Garrioch came out regarding Logan Couture and a potential deal in regards to Nash. The general idea? Nothing has changed and Couture is not part of these talks as it stands. Couture absolutely shouldn't be, either, and his departure would probably up the depression rate in San Jose by a couple percent.

And finally, Nash is on the ice skating for practice with the Blue Jackets, per Aaron Portzline. So there's that.


Rick Nash Trade Rumors: Sharks Make 'Firm' Offer, In Until Deadline With Maple Leafs

It's been at least five minutes since we wrote about Rick Nash, so we're coming back at you again. The NHL trade deadline is today (that's Monday, folks) at noon pacific, and it's going down to the wire. Trade talks may not be active right now in regards to Nash, but teams are certainly preparing offers for another go at the Columbus Blue Jackets' star forward.

There's a couple added dynamics to the trade. For one, Nash may be motivated for a trade now with the recent talks from his agent and for two, the Blue Jackets are not planning on lowering their demands for Nash, according to Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch. So one side is potentially motivated while the other is motivated only if the price is right. It makes sense given the status of the Blue Jackets' front office - they're not going to let a potentially lame duck general manager sell Nash for lower than what they're absolutely secure with.

That being said, there's even more rumors about where the teams are at in their talks. Columbus' Fan 97.1 is reporting (via Jennifer Benson) that the Blue Jackets have two firm offers from the Sharks and the Toronto Maple Leafs, believed to be the only two serious contenders for Nash now that the New York Rangers appear out of the discussions. Columbus is supposedly considering both of these offers, which may or may not be last considerations before the deadline.

Lastly, there is the possibility that the Sharks' new offer could include goaltender Antti Niemi (as Fear The Fin's Matthew Taylor notes). We noted the rumors earlier today regarding Niemi and how it's a big shock he was included in trade talks for James van Riemsdyk. If he's on the table in that trade, he could be on the table in this one if the Sharks want Nash enough. All reports indicate they do.


NHL Trade Deadline Rumors: Sharks Try And Include Antti Niemi In James Van Riemsdyk Deal

There's a couple big surprises for the San Jose Sharks, or rather, surprises for fans of the Sharks. Thus far, the only big name linked to the Sharks has been Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets. While he's the biggest name out there, the noon pacific trade deadline is fast approaching and some other names are surfacing. There was a tenuous link to James van Riemsdyk of the Philadelphia Flyers a few days ago, but now confirmation comes from TSN's Darren Dreger:

That would be a big, big move for the Sharks. He's just three years into his career and put up big numbers in the playoffs last season (seven goals in 11 games). JVR is a little banged up this season, with injuries aplenty to limit his production, but he's an explosive and high-level player when healthy, and the injuries might make his availability open up a little bit. Taking that into account, it's still surprising, but not as much.

Even more surprising? The fact that Dreger also tweeted that the Sharks threw goaltender Antti Niemi into the trade talks. While this didn't sweeten the deal enough for the Flyers, it's very interesting to note. That means the Sharks are secure in going with Thomas Greiss as the starter moving forward. It's true that Niemi has struggled, but the entire team has of late. Niemi has kept them in the game more than a couple times this season.

Greiss also doesn't appear ready to take on that starting role. I think most were happy with the fact that he'd take a game or two here and there, but actually taking over as the full-time starter? That's definitely up in the air. The only caveat to Niemi's importance in this case is for the fact that this trade would be for JVR, who is really, really good. But given the injuries, it's a trade that might not yield immediate results.

We'll see if Niemi remains in the discussions going forward as the deadline approaches.


Rick Nash Trade Rumors: Deadline Approaches, Sharks, Maple Leafs Still In On Star Forward

The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching, with only hours left for teams to make any last-minute trades. The San Jose Sharks have already made a move, though it wasn't the big one many were looking for. Since the beginning, they've been linked to a potential deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets for Rick Nash. They, along with four other teams, are considered to be in the running up until the last minute.

Actually, you can make that three other teams, as ESPN reports that the New York Rangers are now unlikely candidates for a trade:

As of Sunday night, the New York Rangers appear to be out of the running for Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash. Barring a drastic change, a deal to bring the prized winger to New York looks unlikely, a source told

While the report does state that the Rangers were front-runners as early as the beginning of last week, the Sharks were always reported as one of the teams in heavy pursuit of Nash. Now it looks like it may be down to San Jose and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The only caveat is that the Rangers were clearly high on Nash and wanted him badly, so seeing them back out means Columbus' asking price is truly a high one.

That doesn't mean there won't be a buyer. Before this all started, it seemed as though Nash just wanted to stay with the Blue Jackets and within the Columbus community. Now it's more likely he'll be shipped off, due to the fact that his agent said they were motivated to get a deal done before that deadline. With Nash wanting to get something done and the competitors dropping out, this just increases the chances the Sharks will be able to land the wing.

Factor in the fact that the Sharks have lost their last two outings in poor fashion, and there's even more motivation. Doug Wilson says he won't judge on just a couple games, but the Sharks closed out a nine-game road trip with a 2-6-1 record and are now falling behind in the Pacific Division for the first real time in many years.

It's beyond thinking of just a "couple games" now. The Sharks probably don't need to make the move, but Nash unquestionably makes them better, unless a trade starts with Logan Couture and ends with another high-value name. Couture is already off the table, though.

The trade deadline is 3:00 p.m. ET on Monday.


NHL Trade Rumors: Sharks Still Pursuing Rick Nash, Won't Make Snap Decision

Rick Nash is still dominating the headlines around the NHL, and for good reason. The trade deadline is fast approaching, and it's looking like a deal is going to get done (something that didn't seem likely at first, given the job security of the Columbus Blue Jackets general manager). For the San Jose Sharks, it could mean bolstering a team that is hitting a rough patch in its season, as the loser in their last four games. One of those losses was to the same Blue Jackets, in which the Sharks gave up four goals in the first period in an eventual 6-3 loss.

But don't expect the Sharks to push harder for Nash based on recent play, however. Though it's true that word is the Sharks are in heavy pursuit of Nash, David Pollak of the San Jose Mercury News has some quotes from general manager Doug Wilson regarding said potential trade.

Well, that's a bit of a misnomer - he said nothing of the potential trade because the company line is that these kinds of things remain in confidence (as they should, despite us rapid media hounds). What he did say was that the Sharks weren't going to make any snap decisions regarding a trade. More than that, he said that the Sharks weren't going to take their recent record into account when making said decision.

That's definitely a good thing. While most believe the Sharks will get better with Nash on the roster, the Sharks need to spend plenty of time picking the right move, especially given that it's not their usual modus operandi to make a big trade like this one during the season.

In the mean time, they'll close out the week with games against the Toronto Maple Leafs and Nashville Predators on Thursday and Saturday, respectively. Those games will be games seven and eight on their current road trip. They'll start the next week with game nine before returning back to the HP Pavilion.


Rick Nash Trade Rumors: San Jose Sharks Reportedly Serious Contenders

The San Jose Sharks were embarrassed Tuesday, losing 6-3 to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Something has happened that has made them unable to really put up scoring production, and it's hard to really say that the loss of Devin Setoguchi and Dany Heatley has resulted in such a big change. They're losers in their last four games, and their schedule doesn't get any easier, with a very tough second half. Something needs to change.

With the Feb. 27 trade deadline fast approaching, many are wondering if the Sharks are going to make a move. Rick Nash has been the popular topic of discussion, and it's pertinent to basically every team in the league. For the Sharks, they're one of the teams on Nash's approved list, which is significant because he has a no-movement clause in his contract. They haven't been considered one of the primary options for Nash and the Blue Jackets, however.

But an option is only as interesting as the option makes itself in any situation. In this instance, the option (the Sharks) appear to be in heavy pursuit of Nash. Darren Dreger of TSN reported that the Sharks are a strong contender for Nash, and that they'll be in the mix with potential deals up to the deadline.

As already noted, there's a lot to consider for the Sharks. For one, it's a deal unlike Doug Wilson's usual - he's not generally the type to make a huge move during the season, and prefers the offseason. For two, it could cost San Jose an awful lot to get Nash. Good news is that the conversations exclude Logan Couture, as the Sharks have already taken him off the table. A potential deal that starts with Couture is not a good one for the Sharks, by any stretch of the imagination.


Sharks NHL Trade Deadline: Despite Loss To Hurricanes, San Jose Not Pressed Into Knee-Jerk Trades

The San Jose Sharks have lost five of their last seven games and are currently on a two-game losing streak. On Friday, they dropped a 3-2 game to the Carolina Hurricanes, which is pretty close to unacceptable at this point, given where they're at in their season. San Jose is battling for the top of the Pacific Division and have more games to play along the second half of their season than any other team.

Every game counts.

That being said, it's easy to look to the upcoming NHL trade deadline on Feb. 27 and project that the Sharks need to go out and make a big move. Rick Nash has been the name mentioned more often than naught, but that remains the case for basically every team in the NHL. It's true that he'd come in and improve the team, but the worst thing you can do when you're getting nearer and nearer a must-win situation?

Have a knee-jerk reaction and make a dumb mistake. Now, that's not Doug Wilson's style, but the Sharks have undergone quite a few changes since the completion of last season, and at this point, anything is possible. Still, making the kind of trade that would likely get the Columbus Blue Jackets to part with Nash is likely to cost an awful lot, and could potentially set the Sharks back for the future.

More than that, the kind of decision to trade for Nash deserves a helluva lot more consideration than "Well they're losing and the trade deadline is coming up." That's not a smart way to do business, especially when you consider the circumstances. The Sharks are on a very tough part of their schedule, with multiple back-to-backs and they're currently on a nine-game road trip.

Sure, there's no real excuse to losing - the Sharks just need to play better. But spending all they can to acquire Nash or another player like him in a knee-jerk reaction is the last thing they need to do.


NHL Trade Deadline: How Did The Sharks Do With Dominic Moore Trade?

The San Jose Sharks have made a move prior to the Feb. 27 trade deadline ... but it's not the big move that was made somewhat of a possibility earlier on Thursday when Rick Nash said he'd accept a trade to them from Columbus. No, the Sharks made a decidedly lower-profile move, but it appears to be a good one. San Jose sent the Tampa Bay Liightning a second-round pick in exchange for Dom Moore and a seventh-round pick.

It's a depth move, but one that's being made to increase actual production. Moore should be a solid addition to the third/fourth line and contribute in scoring. He's just got four goals and 15 assists on the season, but again, that's playing on that line with those guys around him. The fact is that the Sharks need to bring in some guys who can make things happen in limited time. By all accounts, that's Moore, albeit on a small scale.

If he plays on the third line, it'd be likely that Michal Handzus goes down to the fourth line. As Fear The Fin notes in their discussion post (head on over to join in), his Corsi numbers are up there, and if you don't know what that means, it's an advanced hockey voodoo statistic.

Still, a second-round pick seems to be a high price to pay, especially for a guy who is scheduled to hit free agency in July. It will be interesting to see exactly how he's used, but you can bet he'll see a lot of time on the penalty kill. He's somewhat of a short-handed specialty player, and really should contribute in that vein. While the second-round pick from Minnesota and thus should be one of the higher picks, we're going to go ahead and just say the Sharks came out just fine with this trade.


Rick Nash Trade Rumors: Many Things To Consider With Potential San Jose Sharks Trade

On Thursday, the San Jose Sharks were named as one of five teams in which Rick Nash would agree to go to in a trade from the Columbus Blue Jackets. Nash is Columbus' best player and is the big name in the market as the NHL trade deadline approaches, and will no-doubt make the Sharks a better team. They're in the market for some offensive firepower, having finally made defensive adjustments in the offseason.

This is the first solid link between the Sharks and any big-name player in regards to significant trade talks, the false and frankly confusing rumors surrounding Ryane Clowe earlier in the season notwithstanding. San Jose is considered a "Plan B" option as a possible landing spot, and there's a couple things to consider about Nash going forward.

Price: Nash will cost an awful lot to acquire in a trade, or at least he should. It's unclear how much Nash actually wants out of Columbus in the end, if at all. You don't have a player demanding to be traded, you have a team who has voluntarily placed him on the trade block. As noted by Fear The Fin, trade talks likely have to start with a guy like Joe Pavelski or Logan Couture.

And the prospects of losing either of those players really sucks, for the team and the fans. For the latter, look at how hard it was to see Devin Setoguchi go, even though the Sharks were acquiring a player they sorely needed. For the former, Couture is one of the most exciting young player, while Pavelski is becoming the face of the team. Pavelski also has comparable stats to Nash and comes at half the price. It's not impossible to justify those kinds of players, but it's still difficult.

Again as noted by FtF, it's certainly possible that a deal can get done with players other than those two, but that's just because Doug Wilson is magic. Yep, magic.

Divisional Rival Interest: Getting Nash makes the team better in every feasible trade situation, but there are plenty of things to consider like contract and how that player will mesh with a unit that is already leading the Pacific Division at this point in the season, while having played fewer games than their opposition. What of the other teams interested in Nash?

One of those teams is the Los Angeles Kings, and they're one of the "Plan A" options for the Blue Jackets and Nash. Unfortunately, the Kings are the team really challenging San Jose for the division right now, and with the players and pieces available for trade to acquire Nash, it could actually be beneficial for the Sharks to swoop in and get it done. It's never something you should base an entire trade on, but definitely another point to consider.

Unlikelihood Of Friendly Deal: Columbus is almost certainly going to get rid of their general manager this offseason. How in the world can the organization allow him to make a trade like this? They can only do it if the deal is really friendly for the organization, meaning that Wilson will likely have his hands full trying to get a friendly deal worked out.

There's plenty of things to consider, and while it's extremely unlikely that a deal actually gets done that sends Nash to San Jose, there's definitely a lot of talking points. As to whether or not it's worth it, the fact that it can be so heavily debated probably means that yeah, it's about even.


NHL Trade News: Sharks Acquire Dominic Moore, Draft Pick From Tampa Bay

The San Jose Sharks are looking to bolster their front line with the trade deadline looming and the team made a move on Thursday afternoon to do just that. According to multiple reports, the Sharks have acquired center Dominic Moore and a seventh round draft pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning for a second round pick.

Moore is not an elite scoring threat -- he has just four goals in 56 games played this season and scored 18 last season in Tampa Bay -- although he does a nice job distributing the puck to his teammates and will provide San Jose with some much-needed depth.

The 30-year old center is at -10 this season in terms of +/- minutes and has earned a reputation of being a bit of a bruiser on the ice. He was recently fined the maximum $2,500 penalty for an "interference infraction that caused injury" to Rangers forward Ruslan Fedotenko last week.

The next few days will likely be very busy for the Sharks as they continue to look to make moves. To follow the team, be sure to check out their blog, Fear The Fin.


Rick Nash Rumors: San Jose Sharks Among Five Teams Where He Will Accept Trade

The 2012 NHL trade deadline is fast approaching, which means rumors are heating up around some of the biggest names in the game. Rick Nash is arguably the biggest name on the market as reports have the Columbus Blue Jackets considering a move to shore up a potential rebuilding effort.

The rumors have reached a point where Nash has expressed a willingness to waive his no-movement clause for one of five teams. That list includes the San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins. New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings. Of those teams, the Rangers have been given the most established links to a potential trade.

The Sharks are in the market for some offensive production as they find themselves in a dogfight with the Kings and Nash would provide more than enough fireworks. Nash would cost them a significant package of picks and players, potentially including a guy like Joe Pavelski. There have been no specific rumors pertaining to a Sharks trade package, but it would be significant no matter what.

It will be interesting to see where this goes, given the differences to recent seasons in which the deadline was approaching. San Jose has always been the team linked to acquiring that season's best available defenseman, and now they're linked to a guy like Nash, who would certainly bolster the Sharks offensive production (at a much higher cost).

More to come on this developing story. Head over to Fear The Fin for more discussion as the February 27 NHL trade deadline approaches.


NHL Trade Deadline: San Jose Sharks Could Be Looking For Offensive Production

The San Jose Sharks could be in the market for some offensive production before the NHL trade deadline on Feb. 27, a contrast to recent seasons in which speculation was dominated by the theory they'd go after a defenseman. For more on the trade deadline and the Sharks in general, go to Fear The Fin.

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