Mario Manningham Contract Details: 49ers Won't Pay For Mediocrity

Mario Manningham was one of the bigger-named free agent wide receivers to head into the 2012 offseason and after looking around the league, he decided to sign with one of the more wide receiver-needy teams, the San Francisco 49ers. Manningham helped lead the New York Giants to a super bowl victory in 2012 with some big catches, but his overall body of work with the Giants wasn't awe inspiring. The 49ers protected themselves in Manningham's contract just in case he didn't turn out to be the No. 1 receiver they hope he is.

Here are Manningham's contract details, thanks to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio:

1. $2 million signing bonus.

2. $1.2 million base salary for 2012, fully guaranteed.

3. $250,000 in total per-game roster bonuses for 2012.

4. $100,000 workout bonus for 2012.

5. $3.6 million base salary for 2013, $1.25 million of which is guaranteed for injury only.

6. $250,000 roster bonus for 2013.

7. $100,000 workout bonus for 2013.

There are also a long list of incentives that will put a little extra cash in Manningham's pocket if he reaches certain checkpoints. He will earn $100,000 for 70 catches, $250,000 for 80 catches or $500,000 for 90 catches. He'll earn $50,000 yards for 1,050 catches, $100,000 for 1,150 yards or $250,000 for 1,250 yards. He can also make an extra $50,000 for scoring nine touchdowns, $100,000 for scoring 11 or $250,000 for scoring 13. Finally, he can make an extra $250,000 if he makes it into the Pro Bowl.

Manningham's deal is worth $7.5 million over the next two seasons, but it can be increased to $10 million with the incentives.

Based on Manningham's best season, though, Manningham would have made just barely over his base salary of $7.5 million as he would have reached just one of his incentives. In his best season, he caught 60 passes (10 short of his lowest incentive), had 944 receiving yards (206 yards short of his lowest incentive) and he scored nine touchdowns, which would have earned him $50,000. Hopefully being in a new city and having a chance to make quite a bit more money will drive him to have the best couple seasons of his career.

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