Jim Harbaugh And Jim Schwartz Won't Be Punished By The NFL

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Detroit Lions in an impressive road victory, but it's likely all people will talk about this week is the postgame scuffle between head coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz.

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Belichick Comments on Jim Harbaugh, Jim Schwartz

Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz had the postgame handshake heard around the world. And when asked on what he thought of the situation, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who is usually a man of few words, provided his own insight into how everyone, particularly the media, has handled the situation.

"Of course now it's so heavily scrutinized by the media that it is an event bigger than the game itself which is so absurd. Like a lot of things it takes any personalization out of the game and makes it a public topic for discussion. I think it's ridiculous that the media focuses on it the way it does. I'd like to think the reason the people are there is to see the game and see the competition, but we seem to want to talk about anything but the game."

- Bill Belichick on WEEI in Boston with the Big Show 

Belichick also mentioned how it has caused that postgame moment to lose its original meaning, that coaches now will hold back what they might truly want to say due to the scrutiny their words may receive. For a media conscious coach like Belichick, that's an understandable sentiment. Only time will tell if this incident - which led to no formal punishment for the two coaches involved - does anything to change how coaches and the media approach the traditional postgame handshake.


Jim Harbaugh And Jim Schwartz Will Not Be Fined By The NFL

Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers and Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions had a pretty impressive altercation after Sunday's game. But there will be no punishment from the higher powers in the National Football League.

Greg Aiello of the NFL talked about the incident via his Twitter account. He said that while their postgame conduct was inappropriate, both Harbaugh and Schwartz spoke with Ray Anderson of the NFL office after the game. Both coaches were contrite, said that their conduct was unacceptable and would never allow it to happen again.

This hopefully puts an end to any future conflict between the two for the near future. Sorry guys, no blood shall be spilled over this one.

Now then. Since this matter is all resolved, can we get back to talking about football again and how great it is that the 49ers and Lions are good again? Please?

To talk about Harbaugh and the 49ers, head to Niners Nation. To talk about Schwartz and the Lions, Pride of Detroit is where you want to go.


Jim Harbaugh Not Apologizing To Jim Schwartz, But Wants To Improve Postgame Handshake

Jim Harbaugh gave his usual Monday press conference to the media, and it didn't take too long for his altercation with Jim Schwartz to take center-stage. Say at question one.

David Fucillo was tweeting about the conference from his Niners Nation account, and here are some of the important updates.

  • On the postgame antics: Harbaugh takes full responsibility for detracting from the game and the performance of both teams.
  • On toning it down: Harbaugh wants to get better at everything and will always improve, and plans on getting better at the post-game handshake.
  • On further discipline: Harbaugh gave his side of the story to Ray Anderson.
  • On whether he thinks Schwartz did anything wrong: Harbaugh isn't here to throw salvos.
  • On Jim Schwartz: The two spoke in the tunnel after the game, and plan to speak privately later.
  • On untucking his shirt after the victory: Harbaugh does it after every win to represent the end of a hard day's work.
  • On apologies in general: Harbaugh treats them like excuses.
  • On how coaches perceive him: Harbaugh just cares what they think of his team.

For more on Harbaugh and the 49ers, head over to Niners Nation.  For more on Schwartz and the Lions, head to Pride of Detroit.


Jim Harbaugh vs. Jim Schwartz Video: 49ers Head Coach Blames His Firm Handshake

Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers had some interesting thoughts on why he felt Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions was so perturbed after their postgame interaction. He elucidated on it in his postgame press conference with the media.

If you watch the video again, it looks as if Harbaugh really ticked Schwartz off after the pat on the back rather than the handshake. It appeared also to be very strong, and Schwartz probably interpreted it as a shove. That's why he ended up chasing down the 49ers head coach, and that's why we're all talking about it now.

Also, Coach Schwartz, I think Coach Harbaugh just called you a wuss who can't handle his handshake. Are you going to take that? You should really confront the 49ers head coach about that. Again.

To talk about the Harbaugh-Schwartz scuffle with 49ers fans, check out Niners Nation. To talk with Lions fans, head to Pride of Detroit.

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