49ers Gift Wrap Panthers' First Win Of The Season

The 49ers lost to the Carolina Panthers in week seven of the 2010 NFL Season and are now 1-6. Carolina picked up their first win of the season. For more information about the 49ers, check out Niners Nation.

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Mike Singletary: "I Still Believe We Can Go To The Playoffs"

After the San Francisco 49ers lost to possibly the worst team in the NFL, it's nice to know their head coach is still aiming big. Mike Singletary made it quite clear he hasn't given up on getting past sixteen games, even though his team is struggling just to win one (money quote at 6:45).

"But as far as our football team there's no doubt in my mind somehow someway that we will regroup and we'll keep fighting ... and we will... we're going to make a season of it. And I still believe we can go to the playoffs. I still believe we can get those things done. We just have to get the right things in place, and go from there."

Well, I'm sure this is what all Niners fans wanted to hear. It's nice to know that when you're 1-6 you can still be technically alive for the NFC West race, although the Seattle Seahawks victory over the Arizona Cardinals puts them three and a half games in the hole with seven to play (and an additional game tacked onto that, because Seattle has already beaten San Francisco). You might be starting David Carr next week because Alex Smith injured the same shoulder that already knocked him out of one season. And a sizable chunk of the fanbase is advocating that heads should roll.

Yet Singletary's still dreaming about January! San Francisco fans must be so happy that their head coach has the big picture in mind. Where's Jim Mora when you need him.


49ers Lose 23-20 To Panthers On Late Touchdown, Field Goal

It's same-ole, same-ole for the San Francisco 49ers. Once again, they managed to look good, then very bad, then good again with extremely deflating play. Once again they had the lead late in a game, blew it by allowing the tie, and then giving up the big play to set the Panthers up with a game winning field goal. If you've watched any 49ers games at all this season, I think you can infer that the field goal from John Kasay was good. You'd be inferring correctly.

The 49ers came out strong, scoring on their first offensive possession, cementing the thought that new offensive coordinator Mike Johnson has a strong propensity for scripting the first offensive drive of any given game. Running back Frank Gore broke a twenty yard run while tight end Vernon Davis caught two passes, one a 53-yard reception that took him to the one-yard line, and the other a one-yard touchdown reception.

The defense gave up a field goal after that, holding strong after giving up some yardage with a sequence of tackles for losses. The first quarter wrapped up with a series of punts and the second quarter began with a turnover, the 49ers forcing DeAngelo Williams to fumble with Parys Haralson getting on top of it. The Niners turned that into a field goal drive.

From then on, it was all penalties, all the time for the 49ers. Getting called for two questionable pass interference plays. Taylor Mays was called for an interference on a pass that was clearly uncatchable for any receiver in the league.

Starting quarterback Alex Smith went done after a bad sack given up by right tackle Anthony Davis. David Carr came in at the third quarter and threw a terribly underthrown pass on third down. From there, the team abandoned the pass completely, and the Panthers get another field goal. Eventually, the 49ers tied the game with a field goal of their own to put it at 13-13 all.

On the next possession, though, Carolina quarterback Matt Moore threw a dumpoff to running back Jonathan Stewart that was picked off by reserve defensive end Ray McDonald, who ran it back into the end zone after breaking a Matt Moore tackle. The 49ers had the 20-13 lead that we all know is blown at this point.

The Panthers were desperate, getting a big 39-yard reception from rookie David Gettis, but eventually having to go for it on fourth and nine, and the 49ers stopped them. But a quick three-and-out and the Panthers were on the attack again, and David Gettis eventually got the touchdown he needed to tie the game for Carolina.

With the 49ers trying to move down the field, David Carr threw an interception on a horrible pass. It was automatic from there for the Panthers, who slowly creeped closer to the field goal before nailing it and sealing the 49ers fate.

Smith was out after the injury with a shoulder sprain. It was the first win of the season for the Panthers. The 49ers move to 1-6, and play the Broncos as the "home" team in London next week.


49ers Give Up Touchdown, Interception, Panthers Coming Back

Shawntae Spencer never turned, never looked, didn't do anything on the David Gettis touchdown reception to set up the tying extra point for the Panthers. It's a 23-yard touchdown reception on a drive that saw the 49ers get even more penalties and struggle with their secondary. Rookie linebacker NaVorro Bowman was called for an illegal contact penalty, giving the Panthers a first down.

The 49ers gave up an interception after getting yet another penalty on offense. It was just a very bad throw by David Carr. The Panthers got a big pass play and are in field goal range.

The game is tied at 20-20. Be sure to join in on the gameday RALLY THREAD at Niners Nation.


49ers Give Up Big Play, Hold Strong On Fourth Down

The 49ers went three and out, losing a ton of yardage before punting to the Panthers in the fourth quarter, leading 20-13. The Panthers started with an incomplete pass, but then went deep and found David Gettis for 39 yards. Carolina then quickly worked themselves to a third down with four to go, and dumped it off to Mike Goodson, who was dropped for a three-yard loss by Patrick Willis.

They went for it on fourth down, and Gettis was open again - but dropped the wide open pass in the end zone and the 49ers took over. The 49ers lead 20-13 in the fourth quarter, and just went three-and-out. The Panthers will get the ball back with 4:40 to go in the game.

I found this tweet from the Merc's Dan Brown to be pretty hilarious:

Gettis, wide open in end zone, drops an easy one. Even Brooks Conrad makes that catch.

Be sure to join in on the gameday discussion at Niners Nation.


Ray McDonald Gets Pick Six, 49ers Ahead

Well the tie game was broken on the first Panthers possession after the 49ers field goal. The Panthers converted a tough 3rd-and-7 on the possesion and then found themselves at 2nd and 7 when they went for a dumpoff to Jonathan Stewart, but the ball was intercepted by second string defensive end Ray McDonald, who took it all the way for six points, even breaking a tackle.

The 49ers lead 20-13 in the fourth quarter. Join in on the gameday discussion at Niners Nation.


49ers Tie It With Fourth Quarter Field Goal

The 49ers came out running the ball with their starting quarterback out for the game. Frank Gore was ran five times on the drive and picked up a couple first downs. They failed to convert a third down as David Carr was hit on an incomplete pass, but at the start of the fourth, kicker Joe Nedney hit a 38-yard field goal.

The game is tied in the fourth at 13-13. Be sure to go to Niners Nation and join in on the gameday discussion.


49ers Hopes Resting On Backup Quarterback, Trailing Panthers 13-10

The 49ers defense couldn't keep the Panthers out of scoring position and now it will fall on backup quarterback David Carr to put points on the board for the 49ers. The Panthers drove down the field, converting on second down twice and going for the 55-yard field goal, and it was good.

The Niners continue to commit penalties, getting a false start on their first play after the kickoff. Alex Smith is out for the game officially with a sprained shoulder. The Panthers Lead 13-10. Be sure to head to Niners Nation to participate in the gameday thread.


Penalties Killing The 49ers, Game Still Tied

The 49ers didn't get things started the way they intended in the first half. They began with an incomplete pass to tight end Vernon Davis, then had a twelve yard run from Frank Gore negated on a holding penalty from the aforementioned Davis. On 2nd and 20, right tackle Anthony Davis missed a block and Alex Smith was sacked for an eight-yard loss. He was slow getting up, and David Carr came in for the 49ers.

Carr's first pass from 3rd and 28 was the definition of underthrown and the 49ers were forced to punt. The game remains tied in the third at ten all.

Be sure to head to Niners Nation and participate in the gameday discussion.


49ers And Panthers Tied, Niners Get Penalized

The Panthers responded to the 49ers field goal with an 80-yard touchdown drive, albeit a drive aided by two questionable pass interference penalties and perhaps an early whistle on a loose ball. The Panthers opened the drive with a complete pass to Steve Smith for 21 yards, but quickly drew a third down. 49ers safety Taylor Mays was called on pass interference on a pass that was well uncatchable for even the best receivers in the league.

So the Panthers kept it alive, but worked once again to a third down, and it was a pass over the middle that was broken up by CB Will James, who didn't seem to make contact until the ball was there. It was another pass interference. Eventually, it was David Gettis who came up with an 18-yard touchdown reception after 49ers CB Nate Clements fell to the ground on a double move. After the extra point, the game is tied 10-10.

Be sure to head over to Niners Nation to participate in the gameday thread.


49ers Get Field Goal, Up 10-3

After exchanging punts throughout the remainder of the first quarter, the 49ers forced a turnover early in the second. DeAngelo Williams was hit hard and coughed up the ball on a run to the left side. 49ers linebacker Parys Haralson got on top of it and the Niners got the takeaway.

The ensuing 49ers possession saw the team ride Frank Gore to three first downs and eventually fail to convert a 3rd and 16 with a 12-yard pass to Josh Morgan, but it set up the 24-yard field goal by Joe Nedney to put the 49ers up a touchdown. Niners lead 10-7.

Be sure to head to Niners Nation and check out their gameday thread.


49ers Get 7-3 Lead Over Panthers

The 49ers got going fast against the Carolina Panthers. After forcing a punt on the opening drive with good play from Justin Smith and the secondary, the Niners got their first offensive possession going. Frank Gore had a twenty yard run, which was followed by a deep pass to Vernon Davis over the middle of the field. It would end up being a 53-yard reception that brought Davis to the one yard line. On the next play, it was a fake to Gore and a nice little one-yard touchdown reception for Vernon Davis to put the 49ers up 7-0 after the extra point.

On Carolina's next possession, they moved the ball very well, marching downfield, before a sequence of tackles for losses forced a field goal, which was good. Justin Smith and Ahmad Brooks both made good plays on the drive. The game is currently 7-3, with the 49ers leading.

Be sure to head to Niners Nation and check out their gameday thread.

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