Oakland Raiders Name Reggie McKenzie General Manager

The Oakland Raiders aren't wasting any time making changes, firing most of their defensive staff including defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan.

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2012 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders Look At Brandon Thompson, Bobby Wagner, Donnie Fletcher, Emil Igwenagu

With the Oakland Raiders not drafting for the first few rounds, their draft strategy is slightly different from every other NFL team. They can't look at the big targets because they'll all be gone long before they even have a chance to even think about getting any one of these guys.

Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country reports that the Raiders were interested in a lot of under-the-radar players. The Raiders were reported talking to Clemson defensive tackle Brandon Thompson, Utah State linebacker Bobby Wagner, Boston College cornerback Donnie Fletcher, and UMass tight end/fullback Emil Igwenagu. None of these guys are people you'll really be thinking much of when the draft comes around, but this focus on trench players seems to indicate that the Raiders are trying to fill in critical positions to slow up opposing offenses.

To talk about the Raiders and the 2012 NFL Draft, head to Silver and Black Pride.


NFL Mock Draft 2012: Oakland Raiders Select Cliff Harris In 5th Round

The Oakland Raiders are going to be waiting a long time in this NFL Draft before they hear their name being called.

With their first available move, Drafttek has them taking...another speedster. Literally. Cliff Harris of the Oregon Ducks is their pick.

Harris makes some sense as the Raiders had trouble in their pass coverage at various points of the season as they struggled to offset the loss of Nnamdi Asmougha. Harris is the type of guy who was a playmaker when he was up in Eugene, logging big time interceptions along with great return ability. However there are big issues with his character, as he was booted off the football team after barely contributing at all to the 2011 squad. He has the physical talent to succeed, but is the mental endurance there?

To talk about Harris being picked in this mock draft with Raiders fans, head over to Silver and Black Pride. To talk about Harris with Ducks fans, go to Addicted to Quack, check out Addicted to Quack. To talk up mock drafts, check out Mocking the Draft.


Oakland Raiders Rumors: Carson Palmer Not Set In Stone As Quarterback Of The Future

The Oakland Raiders made a huge move this past season when they acquired Carson Palmer for two quality draft picks. When healthy and put in the right situation, Palmer still has the capability of being one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. And despite the recent rumors that the veteran quarterback would have the job regardless of what happened in the offseason, that may not be true, according to new general manager Reggie McKenzie.

This is certainly something to keep an eye on in the coming months. The Raiders have very few draft picks to work with in 2012 and the ones they do have will not come into play until the later rounds. Could the team be looking at a potential free agent option? Could they try and trade up to land a second or third round quarterback? Perhaps the new GM isn't too happy with Palmer's performance this past season and wants to light a fire under his butt? It could be any of these three things, honestly, and there are bound to be even more rumors like this in the coming weeks.

Buckle up, Raiders fans. This may turn into a bumpy ride.

For more on the team, head on over to Silver and Black Pride.


Oakland Raiders New Era: Along With A New Coach, Reggie McKenzie Needs To Acquire Some Draft Picks

"I love my picks," Reggie McKenzie said. Would McKenzie be open to trading away one of the Raiders' stars to replace some of the picks the team has squandered in recent years?


According To Sources, GM Reggie McKenzie Mulling Over Retaining Head Coach Hue Jackson

According to ESPN's Bill Williamson and sources who spoke with ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen, New Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is trying to decide whether or not to keep current head coach Hue Jackson in his current role.

McKenzie will be introduced as GM on Tuesday as he is the first to hold such a position with the team as late iconic owner Al Davis fulfilled most of the duties that normally would be assigned to a GM.

Even though McKenzie has a relationship with Jackson - both are represented by agent Kennard McGuire - it is still a decision that McKenzie feels he has to make. According to both CBS Sports and Fox Sports, McKenzie and Jackson will meet and the decision will be made this week.

The Raiders went 8-8 this season after starting 7-4 and missed the postseason for the ninth time since their Super Bowl run in 2002.


Oakland Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie Could Replace Head Coach Hue Jackson

Head coach Hue Jackson may not have made the playoffs with the Oakland Raiders this past season, but he had the team competitive throughout, even with the numerous injuries they sustained down the stretch. One would think his job would be safe as new general manager Reggie McKenzie takes over control of the franchise, but that may not be true, if a recent report from Chris Mortensen is accurate.

Here is that report, along with a little analysis from Bill Williamson of ESPN:

Mortensen reported (on Saturday morning NFL Countdown) that new Raiders' general manager Reggie McKenzie may consider replacing coach Hue Jackson.

Williamson's take: Jackson's possible firing has been the elephant in the room for days. There have been rumblings of it and Mortensen's report brings light to the situation. There has been talk that Jackson took too much power after owner Al Davis died in October, that he gave up too much to get quarterback Carson Palmer and that he rubbed players the wrong way. The fact that the Raiders lost four of their final five games including a Week 17 home loss to San Diego with the AFC West on the line could go against Jackson. There is no doubt Jackson is a talented coach, but perhaps McKenzie will want to start fresh and bring in his own coach. Schefter said Green Bay assistant Winston Moss could be a target. Moss was a candidate in Oakland in the past and he was a favorite of Davis. Like McKenzie, Moss is a former Raiders' linebacker. Is Jackson definitely on the chopping block? I wouldn't say it's definite, but it is a situation to watch in the coming days.

That would be quiet the shakeup in Oakland if this were to happen. For an organization that has gone through so much in the last few months, the hiring of yet another head coach could potentially become a strenuous situation for all parties involved.

Again, as the report suggests, absolutely nothing is imminent at this point and no final decision will be made for at least a few weeks, but this is something to keep an eye on. The Raiders have never been a conventional team; why stop now that Al Davis isn't running the show?

For more on Oakland, head on over to Silver and Black Pride.


Oakland Raider GM: Reggie McKenzie, A Pedigree of Success

The Oakland Raiders' recent hire of Reggie McKenzie has been lauded all across the Internet and the rest of Raider Nation as a great move and a positive step in the right direction for the organization following the death of Al Davis and a disappointing 8-8 finish to the season. SBN's own Silver and Black Pride has been universally ecstatic about the move, as have the good folks at raiderfans.net. McKenzie is seen as a winner and as a fount of stability and level-headedness, two things Raider Nation understands the team desperately needs more of within the front office.

But why do we feel this way about Reggie McKenzie? Certainly Ron Wolf's unabashed endorsement speaks volumes, as he is a man widely respected across the league and especially by Raider fans, The fact that McKenzie is a former Los Angeles Raider doesn't hurt either, as he understands the legacy of the Raiders and what the team looks like when it is successful. The fact that McKenzie, until this week, worked for the Super Bowl Champion and undisputed best team in football Green Bay Packers is another huge factor, as that team has a roster absolutely stacked with the best talent, which McKenzie in no small way is responsible for. But let's go back to McKenzie's earlier years and examine him from the beginning.

McKenzie played linebacker at the University of Tennessee after being valedictorian of his class at his Knoxille, TN high school. McKenzie graduated with a degree in business administration with an emphasis in personnel management. After his retirement from pro football, McKenzie returned to Tennessee and was an assistant coach under Phil Fulmer. His staff was the one that recruited Peyton Manning and they enjoyed a successful season. McKenzie also founded a youth charity in Knoxville.

McKenzie was drafted by the Raiders in the tenth round in 1985. He played four years with the Raiders, two for the Cardinals and one for San Francisco. After one year coaching at Tennessee he became a personnel assistant with Green Bay and then their director of pro personnel three years later. This particular era of Packers history is a very successful one, with the Favre-Levens-Brooks-Sharpe offense being very strong and the Packers winning Super Bowl 31.

McKenzie became director of football operations in 2008, a move coinciding with the (temporary) retirement of Brett Favre and the emergence of Aaron Rodgers as the NFL's premier quarterback. In his capacities as director of pro personnel and then all football operations, Reggie McKenzie is partially, if not primarily, behind the acquisitions and drafting of the Packers' current Super Bowl-winning core of Rodgers-Jennings-Nelson-Finley-Woodson-Raji-Hawk-Matthews. I suspect football fans may reflect on this team in the future as one of the greatest teams ever assembled, and Reggie McKenzie is largely responsible for it.

So what will he bring to the Raiders? A pedigree of success and an eye for scouting, both in the professional and college ranks. Gone are the days when Oakland drafts players based on 40 time and measurables alone. Ahead are days where the Raiders draft the best players with the best character who fit the system the team has in place. McKenzie is not a brash maverick like our beloved former owner. He is a quiet, blue-collar workman who will simply go to work every day and make the team better with poise and rationality. This is the reputation he has fostered with the Packers and this is the man the Raiders have had the good sense to hire.


Oakland Raiders GM: Who Is Reggie McKenzie?

Friday afternoon saw the Oakland Raiders officially announce an agreement with Reggie McKenzie to become the team's next general manager. Al Davis had acted as the team's de factor general manager prior to his death this past year. Upon his passing, Hue Jackson filled some of the power vacuum in personnel and was reportedly instrumental in pushing through the trade for Carson Palmer.

Now, however, the Oakland Raiders enter a new era with an actual general manager for the first time really since Bruce Allen was the top executive from 1996 to 2003. McKenzie has a lot of work in front of him but he joins a franchise with a lot of talent already available. The one question mark is how Hue Jackson will fit into the new power structure. There are numerous question marks in that regard, but for now, the Raiders have gone to the right franchise for assistance. The Packers have put together a strong front office that has enabled them to become a now perennial contender. Aaron Rodgers has been a key piece of the puzzle, but the Packers have done great work in surrounding him with necessary talent.

McKenzie has been working for the Packers as Director of Football Operations since May 27, 2008. Prior to that he was director of pro personnel, beginning in 1997. He joined the Packers as pro personnel assistant in 1994. Before entering the Packers front office, McKenzie spent seven seasons playing as a linebacker in the NFL for the LA Raiders ('85-'88), Cardinals ('89-90) and 49ers ('92).

Packers.com provided a rundown of McKenzie's role with the team as football operations director:

A former player, coach and now personnel executive, McKenzie oversees Green Bay's scouting efforts of all professional football leagues, including the NFL, CFL and Arena Football League, as well as all other pro leagues and international players. He also plays an integral role in judging the Packers' current players and evaluating potential free agents across the league. McKenzie is heavily involved in all of the team's moves on a daily basis, including all tryouts and transactions.

During the season, McKenzie provides advance scouting reports on upcoming opponents, working closely with Head Coach Mike McCarthy and his staff. He also contributes to the scouting of college prospects, making school visits in both the fall and spring, and works in conjunction with General Manager Ted Thompson in preparation for the annual draft.

He'll be involved in some of these roles as general manager, but in reality his new role is as much about administration and keeping all the pieces of the puzzle in order. He'll be the face of the organization when it comes to making deals with free agents and trades with other clubs.

Hue Jackson likely has some measure of cache with the club, but McKenzie will want to at the very least sit down with Jackson to get on the same page. I would be shocked to see a change at head coach, but with a new GM, anything is possible. It could very well depend on how their initial meetings go. For now though, McKenzie will sort that out and begin the process of getting ready for free agency and the 2012 NFL Draft.

Oakland Raiders fans are already psyched about the move. Over at Silver & Black Pride, 96% of poll respondents think the move is at least a "solid" choice, with 50% doing backflips.


Oakland Raiders Plan To Hire Packers' Reggie McKenzie As Next GM, According To Reports

The Oakland Raiders watched their football season come to an end on Sunday with a loss to the San Diego Chargers, but lost little time making some quick offseason moves. A spring cleaning has been underway in the past week as they parted ways with much of the defensive coaching staff.

Another pressing matter is that of the general manager position, which has been officially vacant since the passing of Al Davis earlier in the season. Head coach Hue Jackson filled in where he could as far as personnel decisions for the remainder of the season, but obviously it's an opening that needs to be filled before the offseason can really move forward for the organization.

Rumors have been swirling for the past few days thet the Raiders have been closing in on one candidate in particular to fill the GM position. All indications suggested that the team was targeting Green Bay Packers director of football relations Reggie McKenzie.

On Thursday night, Adam Schefter of ESPN appeared to finally issue some manner of confirmation on the matter.

Raiders now plan to hire Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie as their next general manager.
Jan 06 via WhoSayFavoriteRetweetReply

McKenzie has been working for the Packers since 1994, so he definitely understands what it's like to work behind the scenes for a dominant and winning organization. McKenzie has Oakland ties, as he played for the team in the mid-1980s as a linebacker. According to Schefter, McKenzie has a reputation as a strong evaluator of talent.

It will certainly be an adjustment as the Raiders prepare for their first season without Davis calling all of the shots since 1972.

For more news and notes on the Raiders offseason, make sure to follow this StoryStream. For all news and information on Oakland football, make sure to check out Silver and Black Pride.


Chuck Bresnahan, Rod Woodson Indeed Out As Raiders Defensive Coaches

According to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports on twitter and Gregg Rosenthal of NBC’s Pro Football Talk, Chuck Bresnahan, Rod Woodson, and two other defensive coaches for the Oakland Raiders are indeed leaving the team, after the team denied a radio report from 95.7 The GAME’s Chris Townsend that they were out the door.

Apparently it was simply an issue of semantics.

Oakland told the four coaches they weren’t coming back but they are required them to fulfill the remaining two weeks on their contract before they can effectively be let go, so technically they weren’t fired yet. Mike Silver apparently didn’t appreciate this news too much:

"This is why a lot of established coaches don’t want to work for Raiders. They play games, instead of just manning up and firing people," Silver writes. "They say, ‘Oh, you have a year on your contract? You’ve been reassigned to scouting.’ Daring them to leave or void contract."

Either way, the Raiders are on the hunt for some new coaches this offseason.

For more on the Raiders offseason, make sure to check out Silver and Black Pride.


NFL Mock Draft 2012: Oakland Raiders Select...Oh Wait....

Each year, January is when NFL mock drafts begin to really pick up steam. The conclusion of the NFL regular season coupled with the wrapping up of college football's bowl season means the draft process is officially underway. Later in the month the college All Star games begin and the process moves into overdrive. For now though, people will be throwing out their predictions of first and second round picks for just about every NFL team.

One team that will not be a part of most of these mock drafts will be the Oakland Raiders. The franchise has made numerous trades over the last year to build for now, and that has left them short of 2012 draft picks. The team was ravaged by injuries, which cost them a playoff spot. Unfortunately the draft is an unforgiving beast and the Raiders remain without their picks.

To date, the Raiders made the following trades involving 2012 NFL draft picks:

1. First round pick and a conditional 2013 second round pick (that could become a first with a playoff win) for Carson Palmer.
2. Second round pick as part of package for 2011 picks
3. Third round pick forfeited after selecting QB Terrelle Pryor in the 2011 Supplemental Draft
4. Fourth round pick traded for QB Jason Campbell
5. Seventh round pick traded as package for Aaron Curry

If you were not keeping count, three of their first four picks in 2012 were dealt away for quarterbacks, with only one of those quarterbacks active for the close of the season.

While it is easy to shake your head at some of the deals, if Darren McFadden stays healthy, the Raiders go to the playoffs and likely do some damage. While the Raiders did give up too much for Carson Palmer, you could make the argument that if they get to a Super Bowl next year (obviously pending a lot of health issues), the deal is worth it. The whole point of the NFL is to win. They did appear to overpay, but they could not predict all the injuries that occurred.

We won't be able to do provide much in the way of mock drafts for the Raiders, but we will be able to at least hunt for sleepers they may consider with their day three picks. Some great players have come out of the late rounds, so there is a chance the Raiders can find some serious depth help with the right guys late.


Reggie McKenzie Not Seen At Raiders Headquarters Wednesday

Former Oakland Raiders linebacker and current Green Bay Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie was reportedly supposed to be interviewing for the Oakland Raiders general manager position Wednesday, but according to CSN Bay Area’s Damon Andrews, McKenzie was no where to be found at Silver and Black headquarters.

Here’s Andrews’ inside scoop from headquarters today:

I saw several cars come and go through the restricted access fence, including CEO Amy Trask and head coach Hue Jackson, but there was no sign of owner Mark Davis, whom I assume would need to be there for the interview process to take place.

Maybe he came through the public entrance, as not to be recognized? Hmmm, maybe not.

For more news and notes on the Raiders offseason, make sure to follow this StoryStream. For more discussion and analysis of the Silver and Black, head over to Silver and Black Pride to get your fix.


Oakland Raiders Offseason News: Packers Director of Football Operations Reggie McKenzie To Interview For Raiders GM, According to Report

According to the Chicago-Sun Times' Sean Jensen, current Green Bay Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie will interview for the the Oakland Raiders' general manager position on Wednesday as the Silver and Black look to revamp their front office for the 2012 season.

Per Jensen on Twitter:

McKenzie is a former NFL linebacker who played for the Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, who first joined the Green Bay front office in 1994 as a pro personnel assistant, being promoted to director of pro personnel in 1997. He was promoted to director of football operations in 2008, where he provides NFL scouting reports, scouting of college prospects as well as making school visits, and works closely with Packers GM Ted Thompson on their annual NFL draft.

McKenzie would bring a lot of expertise with a successful franchise tot he GM position with the Raiders, and a steady hand at the helm, seeing that he's worked for 18 years with the Packers organization. It doesn't hurt that he's a former Raider himself either.

For more on the Raiders offseason, make sure to check out Silver and Black Pride.


Oakland Raiders Fire Chuck Bresnahan, Most Of Defensive Coaching Staff According To Report

The Oakland Raiders came very close to making the playoffs, but that hardly makes their season a satisfying one. There were too many mistakes, too many bad performances, too many issues that surfaced from both sides of the ball. And the penalties, all the penalties.

Interestingly, it looks as if Hue Jackson is focusing on one side of the football field to make some overhauls. The defense is getting the brunt of the pain apparently.

My @RAIDERS sources says Chuck Bresnahan, Greg Biekert, Rod Woodson and Kevin Ross have been fired. More details to come. @957thegame
Jan 03 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

The Raiders had some pretty bad performances, but they were torched by some pretty average offensive football teams like the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Miami Dolphins. They also gave up 38 points to the Buffalo Bills and 46 points to the Green Bay Packers. Add in the penalties, and it was a pretty tough year for the Raiders defense.

The Oakland front office appears to be denying these initial reports, although that hardly means these changes aren't in motion.

Senior executive John Herrera said "that's not right" in response to the report, when contacted by Comcast SportsNet California.

To discuss the Raiders, head to Silver and Black Pride.


Raiders Finish 2011 Season On Sour Note: Big Changes Ahead?

A brief look back at the Raiders' season. Also a look ahead to next year with some speculation on the front office.

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