Hue Jackson Fired: Oakland Raiders, Reggie McKenzie To Begin Process Of Finding New Coach, According To Reports

The Oakland Raiders have reportedly fired head coach Hue Jackson. GM Reggie McKenzie is looking to make his mark on the franchise and likely felt he needed a fresh start at head coach. For further discussion, check out Silver & Black Pride.

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Oakland Raiders Head Coach Candidates: Winston Moss

The Oakland Raiders may already have a front runner for their vacant head coaching position. In fact, rumors that Winston Moss could be the next Raider head coach began before it was even officially announced that Hue Jackson would not be back for a second season.

This, however, should not come as a shock to anyone familiar with the situation. Winston Moss is a former Raider who worked as a coach in Green Bay under Reggie McKenzie. On top of that, Moss' name had been tied to the Raiders since long before McKenzie became their general manager. Moss was noted as a potential candidate for the Raiders head coaching job both before Tom Cable got the job, and after Tom Cable lost the job.

Thus, it is not surprising that Moss is considered a serious candidate for most recent opening at the head coach position for the Raiders. However, while Moss seems to make sense on the surface, let's take a deeper look into Moss and whether or not he really would be the optimal choice as the Raiders next head coach.

As I noted above, not only is Winston Moss a former NFL linebacker, he is actually a former Raiders linebacker. Moss was drafted in the second round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he played for four seasons before he became a Raider. After Tampa Bay, Moss played for the Los Angeles Raiders from 1991 to 1994 before finishing his career with the Seattle Seahawks from 1995-1997.

After retiring as a player, Moss did not waste any time before getting into the coaching ranks. Moss' first job as a coach came in 1998 with the Seattle Seahawks as a defensive quality control assistant. After his stint with the Seahawks, Moss became a defensive quality control assistant for the New Orleans Saints in 2000. The next season he was promoted to be the linebackers coach for the Saints, a position which he held from 2001 until 2005. In 2006, Moss began his tenure with the Green Bay Packers as their linebackers coach. After a year with the Packers, Moss was promoted to assistant head coach, a position he has held to this day.

Winston Moss does have an issue in that he has no head coaching experience and no experience as a coordinator. However, it should probably be noted that after the 2008 season, Packers coach Mike McCarthy cleaned house on the defensive side of the ball. However, Moss was the only major defensive coach to keep his job. The fact that Moss was valued this highly by a coach as smart and successful as Mike McCarthy should speak volumes about his quality as a coach.


Hue Jackson Fired: Oakland Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie Provides Sign Of Things To Come

How should Raider fans feel about the news that Hue Jackson was fired? What should the Raiders look for in a new coach?


Hue Jackson Firing Signifies New Era For Oakland Raiders Football

The Oakland Raiders are a football organization currently in the middle of changing times. After the saddening death of longtime owner Al Davis, the franchise has made a decision to pursue their future in a much different way from that of Davis. With Reggie McKenzie in town as the new GM and owner Mark Davis calling most of the shots, seemingly no one has a safe job at this point. Tim Kawakami recently took a look at the situation in Oakland.

In his first true public moment as owner, Davis was the star of the show, with his own style - relaxed, wry, spontaneous, patient through some tedious questioning, direct and cagey, too.

The first message: While honoring the legacy of his father, Davis and the Raiders have moved forward and things will be different (and hopefully more successful than in recent years).

The second message: If they can't get a new stadium built in Oakland or cut a deal to share one in Santa Clara with the 49ers, the Raiders could be moving on literally.

And as for where the team may move:

"Yeah, Los Angeles is a possibility,' Mark Davis said after the formal press conference when I asked specifically about L.A. as a future home for the franchise.

"Wherever's a possibility. We need a stadium."

Are there tangible L.A. offers right now?

"There's offers on the table," Davis said, "but I wouldn't talk about them. If there was an offer that we liked, we would've taken it. Let me put it that way. And there's not."

Do you have a timetable on when you need a new stadium?

"The timetable is yesterday," Davis said.

Mark Davis certainly acts in a brash and sudden way, which may be a much needed change of pace for the Raiders.

Did he initiate the Jackson firing? Davis says he left that call to McKenzie, who wanted his own guy, but it's clear that the owner didn't need much persuading.

Does Davis regret trading two high draft picks for Carson Palmer? Davis said he absolutely signed off on the trade - though he wishes the Raiders had more time to consider and negotiate the transaction with Cincinnati.

Is he following any instructions left by his father?

"I haven't found any plans yet," Davis said, smiling. "But I used to talk to my dad every night."

And what kind of coach would this Raiders owner like McKenzie to pick?

"I'm not going to comment," Davis said, laughing. "I don't want to piss him off (on) his first day."

The next few months are going to be very, very interesting in Oakland. Davis seems like a man on a mission and he is not afraid to act quickly if he feels it is for the best. After all, what good are the Raiders if they aren't afraid to think outside of the box?

For more on the team, head on over to Silver and Black Pride.


Hue Jackson Fired: Says Raiders' Owner, Not GM Reggie McKenzie, Made The Decision

New Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie was the one to tell Hugh Jackson that he was letting him go, but Jackson is now saying that he believes his dismissal was ultimately the decision of Raiders' owner Mark Davis, son of the late Al Davis and the man now responsible for what his father built.

Jackson had this to say on his firing:

"I'm not going to shed one tear, because I busted my ass for this organization, and I cherished the opportunity to do it. I have nothing but good things to say about the Raiders and their fans, and I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish in two years, as an offensive coordinator and coach. But it's Mark Davis' football team, and Mark's going to do what he thinks is best. In the end I think he said, ‘I want to put my own stamp on it,' and he wanted his own coach."

Jackson said that prior to McKenzie's hiring, he went to Davis and asked if he could have a say in the search for the new GM. Apparently, Davis said "no".

"I told him, ‘Then I have a concern, because normally a GM that comes in wants to bring in his head coach. I said, ‘You can understand how that would make me feel,' and he said, ‘Yes, I can.' I gave him three opportunities to give me a vote of confidence, and he didn't give me one. He said nothing. I knew then that there was a chance, regardless of how things went the rest of the season, that he wanted to make his own mark in this organization."

Read the rest of Mike Silver's story at Yahoo for a closer look at the situation.

To discuss McKenzie, Jackson and the Raiders, head to Silver and Black Pride.


Oakland Raiders Head Coach Candidates: Winston Moss The Early Leader

The Oakland Raiders are in express mode to try and land their new head coach. General manager Reggie McKenzie already has the guy in mind to replace the departing Hue Jackson.

Look for Reggie McKenzie to bring in former #Raiders linebacker Winston Moss to replace the fired Hue Jackson as new head coach.
Jan 10 via webFavoriteRetweetReply

For the past five years, Moss has been up in Wisconsin as one of the assistant coaches for the Green Bay Packers. Moss has worked with the linebackers the past few years, particularly on the inside. He helped develop Nick Barnett into one of the team's most productive linebackers, developed Desmond Bishop into a Pro Bowl-caliber linebacker this season, and has also worked with guys like Brandon Chillar and A.J. Hawk to help make them solid producers in the middle of the defense.

It'd be an interesting hire. Moss has never been a head coach and has never coached at a level higher than linebacking coach. Can the Raiders get the solid results they're seeking?

To discuss the possibility of Moss going to the Raiders, check out Silver and Black Pride. To broach the topic of Moss leaving the Packers, head to Acme Packing Company.


Oakland Raiders New Era: Along With A New Coach, Reggie McKenzie Needs To Acquire Some Draft Picks

"I love my picks," Reggie McKenzie said. Would McKenzie be open to trading away one of the Raiders' stars to replace some of the picks the team has squandered in recent years?


Hue Jackson Fired By Oakland Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie

The Oakland Raiders introduced general manager Reggie McKenzie this afternoon, and it was clear who had their stamp on the Hue Jackson firing. This was all McKenzie. Jason La Canfora of NFL Network and our very own David Fucillo from their Twitter feeds had these details to report form the press conference.

Owner Mark Davis made it clear that McKenzie was his first choice, after some consultation with John Madden. McKenzie then immediately relieved Jackson of coaching duties this morning after making a quick decision after being hired. McKenzie says he wants his guy, and Davis seemed to concur that Jackson's 8-8 record was unacceptable. McKenzie did agree with the Carson Palmer trade even though it probably wasn't a good deal for the Raiders overall compared to what the Cincinnati Bengals got out of it.

McKenzie was clear he wanted to start a new era, and Jackson was not going to be a part of that vision.

To discuss McKenzie and the Raiders, head to Silver and Black Pride.


Hue Jackson Fired: Raider Nation Reacts

Our Oakland Raider site, Silver and Black Pride, has received over 250 responses to the news that Hue Jackson is no longer the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Here are some of the reactions:

Wow this is too bad guys
I know I’m a Chiefs fan but our rivalry is one of my favorite in the NFL….unfortunately our organizations can’t seem to get their heads on straight.
by groundedchevy

More turnover.
They had damn well hire Gruden or Cowher or someone like that. Really, turnover is not good for a team.

Not sure I agree with this move
I thought he deserved another year. I think the coaching position is a more attractive one without Al Davis, but without draft picks and up against the cap, I’m still not sure we can get a top flight coach to put his staple on. I’m tired of rebuilding and I’m not sure we needed a complete overhaul. Thought if Hue Jackson would have made better decisions in terms of game management, and overall sense of self worth, but got to give it to the new boss. Making this kind of statement right away is bold, and I hope it works out in terms of better overall quality of coaching, discipline and game management.
by S Jay Bruin

I liked Hue, but…
Under his watch we blew 3 winnable games that cost us a playoff spot. Broke the NFL record for penalties and yards penalized. Mortgaged the future for a 32 year old semi-retired QB…. I like what he did with the offense but it wasnt enough to save his job.
by Syphon


Hue Jackson Fired: Former Oakland Raiders Head Coach Reacts To Decision

Hue Jackson is pissed. reached Jackson for comments on his recent firing as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders and Jackson responded like, well, a recently fired coach would.

"McKenzie is going to gut this place," Jackson said. "He wants to bring in his own guys. No job is safe right now."

Jackson also said he was told he was not in the plans for the future.

McKenzie is new Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie. McKenzie will be officially introduced in his new role today. McKenzie is stepping into a role held for what seems like forever by the late, great Al Davis. McKenzie is the first executive to hold the title within the organization.

It was believed for a time that Jackson would be retained due to both Jackson and McKenzie sharing the same agent in Kennard Maguire. But today revealed that that was not the case. And Jackson is clearly not happy with how it went down.


Oakland Raiders Press Conference: Hue Jackson Firing Likely To Be Among Topics Discussed

The Oakland Raiders have reportedly fired head coach Hue Jackson a few hours before new GM Reggie McKenzie is set to be introduced in a 2:00pm PT press conference. The press conference will be broadcast live on CSN California, with coverage anchored by CSN anchor/reporter Jim Kozimor and's Senior Insider Ray Ratto. You can view the stream live below or at

The firing is both a bit of a surprise and not surprising at all. Talk recently seemed to indicate Hue Jackson was going to stay on as coach under the new regime. However, it would appear as though new GM Reggie McKenzie has decided he wants to start fresh. Hue Jackson did some great things for the Raiders in spite of numerous injuries, but when a new executive takes over, changes often come fast and furious.

McKenzie will get a chance to address the reports of Jackson's dismissal and will likely get plenty of questions about possible replacements. Packers LB/Assistant Head Coach Winston Moss is one of the names already out there, and plenty more will likely show up.


Raiders Have Fired Hue Jackson, According To Reports,

The Raiders lost four of their last five games of Jackson's first and only season at the helm.

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