Jason Campbell Injury Likely Ends Season; Raiders Searching For QB Replacements

The Oakland Raiders could be without Jason Campbell for the remainder of the season. The NFL Network reports that Campbell broke his collarbone and his season is done.

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Carson Palmer Press Conference: Hue Jackson, New Raiders QB Discuss Trade

Following the Oakland Raiders' trade on Tuesday for quarterback Carson Palmer, coach Hue Jackson introduced the newest member of his team to the media. Jackson answered several questions about his role in pulling the trade off and backed them up by stating just how much confidence he has in Palmer.

When asked about Palmer and his relatively disappointing numbers over the past few seasons, Jackson responded: "This isn't about numbers. This is about the person because I know his heart. I know his passion. I know his dedication to the game."

Jackson backed his support of Palmer up by addressing concerns about the two high draft picks that the Raiders gave up in this trade: "I know a lot of people think we've mortgaged the future of the organization. I don't see it that way." Jackson sounds very confident in the trade, a trait that should serve him well as he helps Palmer transition into the Raiders offense.

The media also asked Jackson about late Raiders owner Al Davis and how he would view the trade. Jackson responded by including the entire Davis family: "One thing I know about Coach he loved tall, athletic quarterbacks from USC, that's for sure...I think he'd be very excited, very happy. His son's very happy and very excited."

On Palmer's end, the former Bengals QB admitted that he isn't where he needs to be right now to start a game but that he will get there: "(I haven't thrown) enough footballs. It's tough to round up guys that are NFL caliber guys to throw to, it's obviously difficult to replicate."

Despite his lack of readiness right now, Palmer is ready to work hard: "I'm going to do whatever they ask me to do, I'm going to learn as fast as I can, and when they want me to contribute I'll be ready." This entire trade must be a liberating experience for Palmer, who thought of himself as essentially retired after tense relations with the Bengals and the organization's decision to start Andy Dalton at quarterback this seaso.

Now, Palmer has a second chance. He's very well aware of the responsibilities that come with that: "You got a fan base you're trying to please and keep happy so that they can brag about (you). You've got teammates you're trying to play good for, to win for, and especially at the quarterback position, spread the ball around."

Both Jackson and Palmer will work together over the next few weeks to incorporate Palmer into the offense and get him into good football shape. If Jackson decides that Palmer isn't ready to play by Sunday, quarterback Kyle Boller (who filled in well after Jason Campbell went out with an injury on Sunday, throwing 100 yards on 8-of-14 passing) will likely get the starting job against the Kansas City Chiefs.


Carson Palmer Trade Likely Signals the End of Jason Campbell's Tenure in Oakland

Boy do I feel bad for Jason Campbell. I already felt terrible for Campbell when he got injured in the Oakland Raiders' win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Campbell's entire career has been stifled by coaching changes, system changes and being surrounded by below average talent (until he came to the Raiders that is).

This season, Campbell had the opportunity to show what he could do after being in the same system with the same players for two years. And until he got injured, Campbell was starting to show that he could be a very good quarterback. He still made mistakes like the unbelievable interception he threw in the end zone during the New England Patriots team, but he was looking like a quarterback that could lead the Raiders to the playoffs.

Now, not only did his break out season come to an early end, it looks as though his tenure with the Raiders has come to an early end as well. With the Raiders trading a first round pick along with another conditional first round pick, it is clear that Palmer will be the starting quarterback in Oakland for a number of years. That means Campbell, whose contract is up at the end of this season, will be looking for another job next year.

While I am excited for the potential that Carson Palmer brings to the Raiders, I truly feel bad for Jason Campbell and wish him the best wherever his career takes him next.


Carson Palmer Trade is a Fitting Tribute to Al Davis

Right before the start of the 2009 season, Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders shocked the league by trading away their first round pick for an aging veteran. Everyone thought this was a bad move on the part of the Raiders. It was seen as giving up a first round pick with potential for future success in order to take a shot at present success with a player who was over the hill.

Fast forward three years and Richard Seymour is one of the most dominant defensive lineman in the league and is a major reason why the Raiders are sitting at 4-2 and are a serious playoff contender.

Just over a week after the infamous leader of the Raiders passed away, whoever is calling the shots in Oakland, is doing so as if they were Al Davis themselves. First, in typical Raider fashion, Oakland traded for a first round reclamation project in Aaron Curry. Much like many of the great Raiders in history, Curry is a former first round pick with incredible athletic abilities, a true Al Davis player.

Now, the Raiders make another Seymour-esque trade by going out and getting Carson Palmer. The rumor is that the Raiders will be giving up a first round pick this season, along with a conditional first round pick in 2013. That is a lot to give for a 31 year old quarterback that will be turning 32 in December. But then again, that is what everyone said about the Seymour trade and in hindsight, that trade was brilliant.


Carson Palmer Traded to Raiders, According to Unconfirmed Reports

The Oakland Raiders may have found their replacement for Jason Campbell. Jay Glazer is reporting that the Raiders are close to having a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals to trade for quarterback Carson Palmer.

If the trade does in fact occur, the Raiders would essentially be going all in this season. It is rumored that in order for the Raiders to get Palmer, they will be giving up a first round pick, along with a conditional pick (also rumored to be a first rounder) in 2013. That means the Raiders would be giving up two first round picks for an older quarterback that has not been playing at all this season. It is a risky move to be sure.

While Carson Palmer has shown that he is capable of being one of the best quarterbacks in the league, there is no telling how soon he will be ready to lead the Raiders. He did not go to training camp, nor has he played this season. In addition, he will need to learn the Raiders playbook quickly. And that is not to mention the fact that Palmer is not exactly a spring chicken. He is 31 years old and will turn 32 in December.

Here is to hoping Carson Palmer can lead Oakland to the promise land because this is a lot for the Raiders to give up for one player when you consider that nothing in the NFL comes with a guarantee.


Jason Campbell Injury: Raiders QB Believes He'll Be Back In Six Weeks

The Oakland Raiders might have some good news courtesy of their quarterback. Jason Campbell doesn't believe his season is over yet because of his broken collarbone. Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle got these upbeat quotes.

"It was a tough break," he said. "I’m going to stay positive. If everything goes right, I could be back in six weeks."

Campbell, who got hurt in the second quarter of Sunday’s win over Cleveland, has to be positive. Because the alternative is admitting that, since he is in the last year of his contract, he may have played his last game with the Raiders.

If Campbell can return, it makes the situation a little bit dicier for the Raiders on whether they should pursue a quarterback--what do you do when Campbell comes back? It could create a controversy Oakland doesn't need at the moment. Perhaps Oakland should keep on rolling with who they've got.

Can Oakland go with Kyle Boller at quarterback for five games (one bye week)? They host the Bears and Broncos (winnable games regardless of who the QB is), and road trips to the Chargers (likely loss), Dolphins (likely win) and hapless Vikings (winnable). So the Raiders could probably survive with a 3-2 stretch if they roll with Boller for a few weeks until Campbell returns and still stay right in the thick of things for the AFC West wild-card.

For more thoughts on Campbell and his injury, head to Silver and Black Pride.


Jason Campbell Injury: David Garrard No Longer a Possibility to Replace Jason Campbell in Oakland

One day into the mad dash to replace Jason Campbell and one of the early favorites looks like he has already been taken out of the race. David Garrard, who was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars just before the start of the season, was thought by many to be the most likely replacement for Jason Campbell in Oakland. However, Jay Glazer of Fox sports has reported that Garrard will undergo a sugery to fix a herniated disc in his back.

That effectively takes away the biggest and best free agent option for the Raiders to replace their starting quarterback. It was questionable as to whether or not the Raiders would have been able to get Garrard to sign anyway. Garrard refused to sign with the Miami Dolphins earlier this season due to the fact that he wanted to sign with a team who was ready to make a commitment to him as the starter. Since the Raiders like Jason Campbell and drafter Terrelly Pryor in the supplemental draft, any quarterback obtained by the Raiders this season will likely be nothing more than a stop gap replacement.

That is of course, unless that replacement goes Tom Brady or Kurt Warner and takes them to the Super Bowl. Hey, a guy can dream right?

At any rate, it looks as though if the Raiders want to find a starting caliber replacement for Jason Campbell, they will have to do so before the trade deadline on Tuesday. With Garrard being the only legitimate starter available on the free agent market, the Raiders will need to either convince Mike Brown to trade away Carson Palmer, or deal with having a guy in Kyle Orton, who is not a good fit for the vertical offense.

If the Raiders opt to stick to the free agent market, it will likely be in order to find a veteran back up to sit in the second spot behind Kyle Boller.


Jason Campbell Injury: That Didn't Take Long, Mike Florio Brings up Possibility of Brett Favre to the Raiders

In one of my earlier updates, I finished by saying that I was thankful that no one had mentioned the idea of the Oakland Raiders going out and signing Brett Favre as a replacement for injured starter Jason Campbell. Too bad I was not able to be thankful for very long.

Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com has thrown Brett Favre's name in the hat even if no one else has. Florio states that a source close to the situation has said that the Raiders are not interested in Favre as a replacement and that the possibility of signing him has not been discussed.

For the most part, Florio's article is just doing the inevitable, taking a look at the idea of Favre making his five hundredth return to the NFL, this time mid season a la Roger Clemens. I knew it was only a matter of time before Favre's name was mentioned as a potential replacement for Jason Campbell. Thankfully, it does not at all seem like a serious consideration for either side and is nothing more than the media unnecessarily feeding Favre's ego.

I must say, even though I am not entirely sure who is calling the shots in Oakland since Al Davis passed away, but I am incredibly happy with the work they have done so far, if for no other reason than for the fact that they are not seriously considering the possibility of Brett Favre.


Jason Campbell Injury: Could Oakland Bring Back Former Raider QB Josh McCown?

The names being tied to the Oakland Raiders as a result of Jason Campbell's season ending injury are coming fast now. We have already heard all of the obvious names like David Garrard, Kyle Orton and Carson Palmer, mentioned as potential replacements for Campbell this season. There has even been talk about the Raiders re-signing former back up Trent Edwards and allowing Kyle Boller to keep the starting job.

However, this morning yet another name surfaced, and this time, it was one that I had yet to hear or even consider. Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com is reporting that along with contacting David Garrard, the Raiders have contacted former Raider quarterback Josh McCown about possibly coming back to the Raiders.

McCown played one season in Oakland back in 2007. That season, McCown got into 9 games for the Raiders, completed 111 of 190 passes for a 58.4 completion percentage while puttin up 1,151 yards, 10 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Those stats are far from being stellar and the fact that the Raiders are talking to McCown symbolizes the fact that coach Hue Jackson may not have simply been playing politician when he said that he was confident in Kyle Boller as the Raiders starter.

Josh McCown is not an obvious upgrade over Kyle Boller at the quarterback position. Bringing in McCown would likely mean that they are going to hand Kyle Boller the reigns, but want to have a veteran presence as a back up should Boller not be able to capitalize on his starting opportunity. The Raiders likely do not want to rush Terrelle Pryor into a position where the team needs to rely on him in his rookie season.


Jason Campbell Injury: Why Trading for Carson Palmer or Kyle Orton Does Not Make Sense for Raiders

Less than 24 hours after Oakland Raiders starting quarterback Jason Campbell broke his collarbone in the Raiders' win over the Cleveland Browns, rumors of potential trades have already begun to swirl. The two most common names to be linked to a potential trade with Oakland are former Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer and Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton.

While it appears that Campbell could be out for the season, a trade for either of these players simply does not make much sense for the Oakland Raiders.

A trade for Carson Palmer might make sense for the Raiders if not for the fact that it would come at a rather large price. The Raiders have already traded away a large number of draft picks over the next couple of years and cannot afford to trade even more away for what would be nothing more than a stop gap player. The Raiders like Jason Campbell, and before his injury, Campbell was starting to look like he could have a real good season with the Raiders. In addition, the Raiders drafted Terrelle Pyror with a third round pick in the supplemental draft with ideas of him being a starter for the Raiders down the line. Considering the stance the Bengals are taking with Carson Palmer, and the fact that they are currently sitting at 4-2 with Andy Dalton, there does not seem to be a reason for them to trade Palmer unless they get something like a first or second round pick for him.

A trade for Kyle Orton simply does not make any sense for the Raiders. First off, there are the same concerns with the lack of draft picks in upcoming drafts. Second, Orton just does not fit the Raiders vertical passing offense. Third, trades within a division rarely occur, so if the Broncos are willing to trade Orton to the Raiders, either they are stepping up their game in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes, or they really think Orton is not worth their time.

Neither of these trades make much sense for the Raiders, but it really is not surprising that the rumors have begun. If any other team had lost their starting quarterback for the season this past weekend, these two would likely have been tied to that team as a trade possibility just because they are the two best trade options. At this point, I am just happy that the name Brett Favre has not been tied to the Raiders.


Jason Campbell Injury: Terrelle Pryor Could Be Oakland Raiders Backup QB

Terrelle Pryor watched his first Oakland Raiders game from the sidelines today, and he also watched as Terrelle Pryor Jason Campbell suffered what is potentially a season-ending injury. The rookie, who just finished serving a five-game suspension levied by the NCAA for selling memorabilia, was a third-round supplementary draft pick for the Raiders. Now, without having taken a snap in an NFL game, he may have found himself holding the backup quarterback role for a team very much in the thick of playoff contention.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury spoke with Pryor following the game about the situation. When asked if he was the backup QB now, Pryor said that he doesn't expect anything, but that it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

Pryor noted that he's only had two days of practice at this point, but still feels confident that he could perform backup quarterback duties with a limited number of plays. Pryor also verified that, although he was a roster exemption this week, he will be an active roster member next week.

Although at this early hour it's anyone's guess how the Raiders quarterback situation will resolve itself, Pryor made it very clear that if there's one thing he isn't lacking, it's confidence.


Oakland Raiders QB Search: David Garrard Potential Replacement For Jason Campbell

The Oakland Raiders are in need of a quarterback, and they might have to turn to free agency. There aren't many noted names out there, but there is one capable veteran out there that could fill in the role Jason Campbell filled.

If the Raiders choose not to start Kyle Boller, David Garrard is the likeliest name on the docket out there.  Garrard didn't finish too strongly with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He put up a solid enough passer rating in his final season, but his interception totals rose right along with his touchdown numbers, cancelling out any positive gains he made season-by-season. With a game-changing running back like Darren McFadden though, Garrard would not be asked to do quite as much as he had to with his old team.

Matt Conner of SB Nation Kansas City has a take on why the Raiders should consider Garrard.

That’s exactly why the Raiders need to seriously consider bringing in David Garrard as a free agent signing for the rest of the season. While Garrard would have no time to master the playbook in time to play against the Chiefs, the Raiders have a bye week coming in week 8 which would give an offensive mastermind like Jackson the chance to get Garrard up to speed for the second half of the season.

Garrard was ousted unexpectedly by the Jags before the beginning of the season after a career year in 2010. It sunk the Jags season and Garrard has yet to sign, but an opening with the Raiders is the ideal situation for a veteran like Garrard. The pieces are in place in Oakland. The team is playing inspired football. The running game takes pressure off of the passing game and yet the Raiders have talented receivers for Garrard to use.

To talk about Raiders football and their search for a new starting quarterback, head to Silver and Black Pride.


Raiders Interested In Kyle Orton? Broncos QB Might Be On Trading Block

The Oakland Raiders have a lot of interest in available quarterbacks now that Jason Campbell appears to be out for a significant period of time. One potential quarterback that Oakland could be interested in that might be available is a former rival in the conference.

Now that the Denver Broncos seem to have committed to Tim Tebow, it looks as if Kyle Orton is on the outs. Orton has played fairly competently, but has thrown too many interceptions for anyone in the organization to be terribly comfortable going forward with him.

There was a rumor that Orton might want to be traded that Mike Klis denied, but that doesn't mean the Broncos themselves wouldn't want to deal him. It might be a little strange dealing him to a conference rival, but considering they're benching a proven veteran over a project, it's not like they think highly of Orton to begin with. The Raiders would love to have someone who can handle the load, and Orton might be ready for it.

To talk about the Raiders, head to Silver and Black Pride. To talk about the Broncos, head to Mile High Report.


Carson Palmer And The Oakland Raiders Unlikely, Even If Ideal

The Cincinnati Bengals have a quarterback languishing on the bench. The Oakland Raiders have a quarterback sidelined to the bench. Sounds like a trade could be useful for both sides, couldn't it?

With Andy Dalton now fully secure in the starting spot for the Bengals, Carson Palmer seems fully ready to either retire or move on. The Raiders make perfect sense for him with Palmer's familiarity with current Oakland head coach Hue Jackson. Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reports that Oakland has been going hard for the veteran quarterback.

According to a source familiar with the team’s thinking, the Raiders were "trying hard" to make a deal for Palmer, although the source highly doubted that Cincinnati owner Mike  Brown would deal Palmer.

Unfortunately, just as Cole stated, it's not likely Oakland has the pieces to deal for the Cincinnati quarterback.

In this situation, Davis likely would pull out some serious stops. But the Raiders are in a bit of a quandary right now because they don’t have second-, third- or fourth-round picks in 2012 because of a series of moves (they used the third-rounder for Pryor in the supplemental draft, for instance).

In this situation, the Raiders would do well to offer Cincinnati a third-round pick in 2013 that could increase in value to a second- or even first-round pick if Palmer performed well either this year or in 2012.

That's a lot to give up for a quarterback that hasn't played well in awhile, and would pretty much deprive the Raiders of any potential replenishing in upcoming drafts. The NFL trade deadline is coming soon (Tuesday actually), so if the Raiders want to make a move and land Palmer, they're going to have make an aggressive offer quickly.

For more on Bengals football, head to Cincy Jungle. For more on Raiders football, head to Silver and Black Pride.


Jason Campbell Injury: Raiders QB Suffers Broken Collarbone, Out Indefinitely (VIDEO)

The Oakland Raiders won the game today. But they might lose a lot more.

On 3rd and 8, Jason Campbell dropped back to pass late in the first half, but then saw an opening up the middle and decided to run for the first down. Campbell managed a decent chunk of yardage before Chris Gocong took him down from behind, but then when Scott Fujita came in for the support, he came on top of Campbell as he tried to leap for the first down. The force of Fujita's body came down hard on Campbell, who hit the natural grass at the Coliseum hard.

Here's the video of the injury.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Campbell injury was a broken collarbone, and that his season could very well be over. The Raiders might be looking at the free agent market soon enough for a quarterback.

To discuss the Campbell injury, head to Silver and Black Pride.


Jason Campbell Injury: Right Dislocated Shoulder, Unsure of Collarbone

The Oakland Raiders are holding onto a 14-7 lead at home against the Cleveland Browns.But they could have lost something more crucial--their starting quarterback.

Jason Campbell went out, scrambled, and ran for seven yards, but when Scott Fujita tackled him, Campbell got injured and had to leave the field. Kyle Boller is now in at quarterback for the Raiders.

There is no official word as to what type of injury Campbell is nursing. There are two early candidates.

Greg Papa said that Campbell suffered a dislocated right shoulder, which might have taken him out for some period of time. Dislocated shoulders take some time to heal, but they usually take weeks rather than months. But it could also be a more serious collarbone injury (which the Raiders are running tests on), particularly a broken collarbone. That type of injury could knock him out for the majority of the season. In any case, we probably won't be seeing him the rest of the afternoon.

For more on Oakland football, head to Silver and Black Pride. For more on Cleveland football, head to Dawgs by Nature.

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