Oakland Raiders Promote Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson To Head Coach

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Al Davis Introduces Hue Jackson As Oakland Raiders Head Coach At Press Conference

Earlier today the Oakland Raiders held their introductory press conference for new head coach Hue Jackson. Al Davis introduced the former offensive coordinator as the new head coach of the Raiduhs. While Al Davis might resemble the crypt keeper, there’s no doubt he still wields considerable power and respect in the Raiders organization. Even as outsiders still find time to mock the Raiders organization, Al Davis maintains a tight grip on the franchise.

The press conference was mostly platitudes about the future of the team and how bright it is. This particular clip leads up through the first question, which actually provided some valuable insight. Hue Jackson declared that he would be the primary play-caller. It looks like the Bay Area will have a pair of NFL head coaches running their respective offenses. We’ve begun to see Jim Harbaugh develop his staff and the type of identity they want in place. We’ll keep an equal eye on the Raiders and new head coach Hue Jackson to see the kind of staff he puts together.


Oakland Raiders Promote Hue Jackson To Head Coach

The Oakland Raiders hired Hue Jackson to take over as head coach on Monday after serving this past season as the offensive coordinator. Jackson replaces Tom Cable, who was let go after the season when the team didn't pick up the final two years of his option.

The Raiders have announced that the hiring will be made official in a press conference Tuesday.

This past season, the Raiders ranked 10th in the NFL in yards per game as they averaged 354.6, but the new running attack was the most noticeable change since Jackson came aboard.

Led by Darren McFadden and Michael Bush, the Raiders amassed 2,494 yards on the ground — the second highest total in the league as they trailed only the Kansas City Chiefs. The passing attack still needs work, however, as the Raiders finished 23rd in the league in the air.

Jackson has never been a head coach in the past, but the Raiders are adding someone very familiar with how to run an offense as the 45-year-old has previously served as USC’s offensive coordinator, the Washington Redskins offensive coordinator and the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator.

He also served as the Cincinnati Bengals wide receivers coach from 2004-2006 when the team boasted Chad Ochocinco, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and the late Chris Henry as well as the Baltimore Ravens quarterback coach during Joe Flacco’s rookie season.


Oakland Raiders Head Coach Search: Al Davis Fined Tom Cable $120,000 Over The Course Of The 2010 NFL Season

As the Oakland Raiders get closer to wrapping up their head coach search, the team finds itself embroiled in controversy with their former coach Tom Cable. To be more specific, Al Davis is in yet another financial dispute with a former coach. Adam Schefter is reporting that Al Davis fined Cable $120,000 over the course of six paychecks ($20,000 per check). The fines were allegedly due to Davis’ displeasure with Cable losing a pair of OTA days due to intense workouts. This is only hearsay at this point as the NFL is apparently investigating.

Tom Cable has reportedly filed a grievance against Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders with the NFL. Cable is not the first Raiders coach to get into a financial mess with Davis. Lane Kiffin filed and lost a grievance against Davis for money Kiffin felt was owed him after he was fired. Prior to that Mike Shanahan got in a dispute over $250,000 in severance pay after Davis fired him in 1989.

Hue Jackson is reportedly the favorite to get the Raiders head coaching job. If he gets a deal done Jackson better be sure to read through the fine print of the contract. Al Davis has always been a rather litigious owner and any head coach who comes is likely aware of that at this point.


Hue Jackson, Oakland Raiders Offensive Coordinator, Targeted By Owner Al Davis For Head Coach

With Tom Cable out as head coach, Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders are looking for someone new to fill up the position. Davis's favorite is probably offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, who has long been considered the only current viable candidate for the job. Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle confirmed this with a source close to the Raiders coaching situation.

Not much is known about Jackson, but the Raiders offense did dramatically improve between 2009 and 2010 in terms of scoring (from 31st to 6th). According to Football Outsiders the improvement was only incremental; Oakland was 23rd in offensive efficiency, up from 30th in 2009. The rush attack was much improved though, leaping from 26th to 6th behind a physical offensive line and strong running from Darren McFadden and Michael Bush.

Bill Williams of the NFL Nation blog discussed how Davis may have panicked once he heard the San Francisco 49ers had contacted Jackson for an interview, and got rid of Cable in order to retain Jackson. The funny part is that Jackson probably isn't even a serious candidate for the 49ers job; he's probably just getting interviewed to fill in the Rooney Rule minority slot before the Niners continue their pursuit of the big name candidates they're interested in.

To discuss the Raiders coaching situation, head over to Silver and Black Pride.


Al Davis Doesn't Exercise Contract Option On Tom Cable, Oakland Raiders Need A Head Coach

Al Davis has released Tom Cable. Adam Schefter reported that the eccentric Oakland Raiders owner has decided to let loose his mildly successful head coach. The Raiders, who finished the season a fairly successful 8-8, now msut start over, and begin the search for a new candidate.

Before we discuss Cable's replacement, let's discuss his rocky tenure. He was the offensive line coach for the Raiders before being promoted after the firing of Lane Kiffin. Cable's first two seasons were 9-19, but he finally turned it around in his third year and seemed to finally have his guys moving in the right direction.

Although the players long backed their head coach (particularly one of the best defenders in the league in Nnamdi Asomugha), Davis has never liked Cable much, and was expecting much better than 8-8. So he'll likely look to another offensive playcaller, perhaps current Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, who was hired before the 2010 season and has apparently clashed with Cable on a few occasions. Perhaps the San Francisco 49ers interview of Jackson was enough to convince Davis to get going with letting Cable loose.

And now we have two vacant Bay Area NFL jobs. Don't expect there to be too much fanfare concerning this decision though; it might come swiftly.

For more on Cable's release, head over to Silver and Black Pride.

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