NBA Schedule 2011-2012: Warriors Open At Home Against Lakers On ESPN

The NBA will release its full schedule for the 2011-2012 season, despite there being a lockout. We break down the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings respective schedules. For more on the Warriors head over to Golden State of Mind. For more on the Kings, check out Sactown Royalty.

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2011-2012 NBA Schedule: Five Golden State Warriors Games You Won't Want To Miss

The 2011-12 NBA season hangs in limbo, but team schedules were still released anyway. Whether or not there will be games, its never too early to start planning your Warrior game watching schedule. I break down five games you won't want to miss this coming season, if there is one.


NBA Schedule 2011-12: Sacramento Kings Draw Favorable Lineup

The Sacramento Kings have to feel pretty fortunate about their schedule for next season. Let's take a look at it in bullet points.

  • No road trip of death to start the season off! A week in Northern California, then a quick Midwest stop to Minnesota, Chicago, Memphis, then no extensive road trip until mid-December.
  • A pretty low number of back-to-backs, only fifteen in all. That's pretty good and should bode well for a young team still trying to get seasoned legs in the league.
  • Five nationally televised games is low, but there's some upside if the Kings make a surprising run. If they don't...five games on TV, and no one has to watch their failures!
  • March (a hard eight game homestand) and April (all Western Conference foes, all completely playoff-caliber) suck, so Sacramento will probably have to be well above .500 to have a prayer of making the playoffs, particularly in the West.
  • An NBA lockout will probably be happening, so my half-baked analysis in the previous two paragraphs is as useful as a roller-skating panda bear.

It figures for Sacramento fans. This is probably the best-looking schedule for the Kings in the last half-decade, particularly in a critical year for the franchise's future, and an NBA lockout threatens to derail all of it. Time to place your bets on a lockout happening, because there's no way we could ever get lucky in these circumstances.

For more on the Kings, head to Sactown Royalty.


Golden State Warriors NBA Schedule 2011-2012: Ws Nationally Televised On ESPN, TNT

The Golden State Warriors 2011-2012 regular season schedule was released at 11:00am pacific on Tuesday and the world will get numerous opportunities to check out Mark Jackson and the new-look Warriors. The Warriors 2011-12 schedule includes nine nationally televised games on ESPN and TNT, with an additional eight games scheduled to appear on NBATV. This follows a 2010-11 season that saw the Warriors appear on national television seven times, with three NBATV appearances. The remainder of their games will likely be on CSN Bay Area.

In an interesting little scheduling quirk, the Warriors 2011-2012 schedule will open on ESPN against an LA squad (Lakers) and close on ESPN against the other LA squad (Clippers). They get the defending champions on TNT, but they won't get a shot at the runner-up Miami Heat on national television.

It's not exactly shocking that the Warriors national television schedule is increasing this season. The Warriors were already a fairly entertaining team with big scorers like Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. The addition of head coach Mark Jackson adds a sometimes polarizing personality and a guy with a connection to ESPN's basketball coverage.

Here is a rundown of the Warriors national television schedule:

Wed Nov 12 - vs. LA Lakers
Wed Dec 14 - @ Utah Jazz
Wed Feb 22 - @ Phoenix Suns
Wed Mar 14 - vs. Boston Celtics
Wed Apr 11 - @ Portland Trailblazers
Wed Apr 18 - vs. LA Clippers

Thu Jan 12 - vs. Orlando Magic
Thu Feb 2 - vs. Phoenix Suns
Mon Feb 20 - vs. LA Clippers
Thu April 12 - vs. Dallas Mavericks

Sat Nov 26 - vs. Utah Jazz
Thu Nov 30 - vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
Sat Feb 4 - @ Sacramento Kings
Sat Mar 10 - vs. Dallas Mavericks
Sat Mar 24 - vs. Memphis Grizzlies
Wed Mar 28 - vs. New Orleans Hornets
Sat Apr 7 - vs. Denver Nuggets
Sat Apr 14 - @ LA Clippers

For more on the Warriors, head over to Golden State of Mind.


Sacramento Kings NBA Schedule 2011-2012 Features Home Opener Versus Houston Rockets

The 2011-2012 NBA schedule was released Tuesday afternoon in spite of the current lockout. The release date was bumped up three weeks in what might be an attempt by the league to get some kind of positive commentary for at least a day or two. The Sacramento Kings found out their final schedule and the 2011-2012 Kings schedule features a home opener versus the now Yao Ming-less Houston Rockets.

The Kings schedule features ten days in Northern California to open the season as they play four home games and a road game against the Golden State Warriors. The schedule includes one TNT game and five NBA TV games. I have a feeling this could be a fun team to watch on offense so hopefully the NBA will make adjustments to move them into a couple more nationally televised games.

The Kings will have several fairly rough road trips this season. They have a five-game road trip in mid December that includes trips to Portland, Orlando, Miami, Charlotte and the Clippers. They have a second five-game road trip in January with games at Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston, Washington, and New York. February includes a six-game road trip and nine of ten on the road into March. While the Kings are not expected to be championship contenders this year, that stretch of games will give them an idea of their development late into the season.

Head on over to Sactown Royalty to join the schedule discussion that is already in progress.


Golden State Warriors NBA Schedule 2011-2012 Features ESPN Home Opener With Lakers

Although the NBA is dealing with an ugly lockout situation right now, that didn't stop them from releasing the 2011-2012 NBA regular season schedule three weeks early. Maybe David Stern felt it would sufficiently distract people from the reality of the situation. Whatever the case, if the season does start on time, the Golden State Warriors 2011-2012 schedule gets off to quite a bang. The Mark Jackson era will start with a home opener against the Los Angeles Lakers on ESPN on November 2.

The Warriors schedule will feature a pair of six-game road trips and nine separate appearances on ESPN or TNT. Throw in eight NBA TV appearances and it seems like the NBA is excited to showcase the new Mark Jackson Warriors.

For folks looking at potentially getting some sort of season ticket package for the upcoming season, the Warriors will face a host of interesting teams throughout the season. After opening with the Lakers, the Sacramento Kings will come to town on November 4. If the Warriors take to Mark Jackson's commitment to defense, they will get a strong test from an explosive Kings offense. The Kings might not be able to defend to save their life, but they'll be a high scoring team this season.

The Warriors will host Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder twice, on November 30 and February 7. They'll host the Boston Celtics on March 14. They'll also face the defending champion Dallas Mavericks at Oracle Arena on March 10 and April 12. They wrap up their season with a pair of games with the LA Clippers going to LA on April 14 and coming back home April 18. Maybe those games will actually have some playoff meaning? Might as well get hopes up now.

For more on the Warriors 2011-2012 NBA schedule, head over to Golden State of Mind.


NBA Schedule 2011-2012: Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings Await Schedule In Spite Of NBA Lockout

The NBA has announced it will release the 2011-2012 basketball schedule Tuesday July 18 at 11:00am pacific on NBATV. Although the NBA is in the midst of a lockout that many fear will not be ending any time soon, the league will actually be releasing the schedule three weeks earlier than last season. NBA fans can potentially take some solace in the fact that the NFL released their schedule amidst great hostility and suddenly things are turning around for them.

The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings will both look to build on struggles last season. Both teams finished in the lottery but still managed to get one national television several times. The Warriors were on national television seven times, while the Kings made three national television appearances.

Both teams bring an exciting brand of basketball, even if they do struggle to get victories. The Warriors will get additional national coverage with the hiring of Mark Jackson. The former ESPN announcer has a strong following and it wouldn't be surprising to see a host of ESPN games for the Warriors. The Kings could also find themselves prominently featured on national television. While the Kings are expected to struggle on defense in the coming season, the addition of Jimmer Fredette adds to an already exciting offensive unit that could be very television friendly.

We'll be here with a rundown of both teams' 2011-12 NBA schedules with a breakdown of nationally televised games and any interesting schedule quirks. For more on the Warriors head over to Golden State of Mind. For more on the Kings, check out Sactown Royalty.

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